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Recent Additions (with dates added)

Twelve Weathergrams (21 September 2018)
Translation as Treason (10 August 2018)
How to Present a Rengay (28 July 2018)
Notes on Teaching Haiku (1 January 2018)

Learning Haiku

    Defining Haiku: A Place to Start (on the Living Haiku Anthology)
    How I Came to Haiku [first publication here]
    An Invitation to Spring Haiku
★ Notes on Japanese Forms [definitions of haiku, senryu, haibun, haiga, rengay, renku, and tanka]
    On Writing Haiku [54 comments, rules, and suggestions on the writing of haiku]
★ Why “No 5-7-5”? [on my NaHaiWriMo site]

“Learning From” Essays

Studying Haiku (and Senryu)

    Beat Haiku and My Discussion with Jack Foley [see latter half for my contributions]    +    +
    Defining Haiku by Iterations [first publication here]
    Featured Poet [biographical sketch and six poems]
    Feeling Haiku Through Thin Wood Walls (David Patneaude)
★ Haiku as Poetic Spell [by Martin Lucas; includes extensive commentary by me and the author]
    Haiku Neighbours: North American Haiku Today [keynote address for 2013 Haiku International Association]
    Hopes for American Haiku [on The Haiku Foundation blog]
★ How Do You Write Haiku?
    On the Art of Writing Haiku [first publication here]
    Problems and Challenges of International Haiku [first publication here]
★ A Sampling of Cultural Haiku
    Sandlot Haiku and the Democracy of the Internet [first publication here]
    Savouring Salvage [first publication here]
    A Short History of Haiku in California [on Haiku Society of America site]
    A Short History of Haiku in Washington [on Haiku Society of America site]      +
    Some Thoughts on Déjà-ku [first publication here]
    Striking Gold: The American Haiku Archive [first publication here]
    The Wriggling Koi [a short story]

Other Essays

    Writing Love Poems [with one haiku]

Appreciating Haiku

    Approaching Infinity: A Favourite Haiku (Christopher Herold)
★ Beauty in Haiku (Kaneko Tohto)
    Late Fall (Francine Porad)
    The Frayed Rope (Jane Reichhold)
    Heat Wave (Carole MacRury)
★ Issa’s Joy (Issa)
    Misreading Haiku (Roberta Beary)
    Nine Joys (David Lloyd) [first publication here]
    Subjective Touches (John Stevenson)
★ Three Ironside Haiku (Hamish Ironside)
    Two Favourite Haiku by Jerry Kilbride (Jerry Kilbride)

Linked Poetry

    How to Present a Rengay [first publication here]
    An Introduction to Tan-Renga [first publication here]


Appreciating Tanka

Humour and Satire