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Audio Interviews of Michael Dylan Welch

Haiku Poet Podcast — by Josh Cleveland and his kids (my text interview answers read and discussed (posted 12 May 2021; also available on Spotify)
“Word” radio interview — by Tom Maxedon (broadcast on 91.5 KJZZ-FM, Public Radio, Tempe, Arizona on 1 February 2021), with Natalie Goldberg       +
Sound Poetry radio interview — by David Gilmour (broadcast on 101.9 KTAH-FM radio, Tacoma, Washington, daily 28 September through 2 October 2020)
Author2Author interview for Author Magazine on Blog Talk Radio — by Bill Kenower (broadcast on 16 April 2019)
“Word” radio interview — by Tom Maxedon (broadcast on 91.5 KJZZ-FM, Public Radio, Tempe, Arizona on 1 February 2019)
“Word” radio interview — by Tom Maxedon (broadcast on 89.3 KPRG-FM, Public Radio Guam on 13 January 2017)
“In Conversation” radio interview — by Sheila Bender (broadcast on 91.9 KPTZ-FM radio in Port Townsend, Washington on 20 and 22 September 2016); also available on YouTube

Text Interviews of Michael Dylan Welch

Haiku Poet Interviews: Michael Dylan Welch — by Jacob Salzer       +
My Window Opens: A Personal Haiku History — by William J. Higginson
“Haiku North America: Crazy about the haiku? Have we got a conference for you” (in The Writer magazine) — by Melissa Hart
Barking Mad Questionnaire — Corine Timmer
Haiku Hoopla — by Leena Prasad
An Interview for Haiku Ireland — by Gilles Fabre
An Interview Email — by Alyson Ludek
Approaching Infinity — by Robert Wilson
Breathe fresh air into your haiku — by Glenn L. Marcum, Poet’s Market 
Featured Poet [a short autobiographical sketch and six poems]
Featured Poet: Michael Dylan Welch — by Leticia Sicilia Saavedra
Lyrical Passion Interview — by Raquel D. Bailey
Steyer Writer Named Poet Laureate — by Hannah Sidaris-Green
Three Questions — by Curtis Dunlap
Poet Showcase — by Cara Holman
Wining, Dining, Haiku — by Katie Daubs, Ottawa Citizen
A Chat about Tanka — by A. C. Missias
Meet the Prompters  on my NaHaiWriMo site
My Son’s Interview — by Thomas Welch

Interviews by Michael Dylan Welch

Enduring Imagist: An Interview with Janet Lewis (1899–1998)
        — by Catherine J. Kordich and Michael Dylan Welch
Meet the Prompters  many dozens of interviews featuring NaHaiWriMo daily prompters
        — with Jan Dobb, Rachel Enomoto, dl mattila, Marianne Paul, Beth Skala, and Victoria Vieira
        — with Sanjuktaa Asopa, Ann Harreby, Beth Skala, Debbie Strange, Terri L. French, and Amy Wells
        — with Cheryl Ashley, Daniel Flaszynski, kjmunro, Vicky Rizzardo, Eduard Tara, Christine L. Villa
        — with Aaron Barry, Henryk Czempiel, Harvey Jenkins, Mia Lin, Beth Skala, and Neal Whitman
        — with Andreea Buzuc, Marcellin Dallaire-Beaumont, Jeffrey Ferrara, Chen-ou Liu, Ulrike E. Narwani, and Genevieve Wynand