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Audio Interviews of Michael Dylan Welch

Author2Author interview for Author Magazine on Blog Talk Radio — by Bill Kenower (broadcast on 16 April 2019)
“Word” radio interview — by Tom Maxedon (broadcast on 91.5 KJZZ-FM, Public Radio, Tempe, Arizona on 1 February 2019)
“Word” radio interview — by Tom Maxedon (broadcast on 89.3 KPRG-FM, Public Radio Guam on 13 January 2017)
“In Conversation” radio interview — by Sheila Bender (broadcast on KPTZ radio in Port Townsend, Washington on 20 and 22 September 2016)

Text Interviews of Michael Dylan Welch

“Haiku North America: Crazy about the haiku? Have we got a conference for you” by Melissa Hart (in The Writer magazine) — by Melissa Hart
Barking Mad Questionnaire — Corine Timmer
Haiku Hoopla — by Leena Prasad
An Interview for Haiku Ireland — by Gilles Fabre
An Interview Email — by Alyson Ludek
Approaching Infinity — by Robert Wilson
Breathe fresh air into your haiku — by Glenn L. Marcum, Poet’s Market 
Featured Poet [a short autobiographical sketch and six poems]
Lyrical Passion Interview — by Raquel D. Bailey
Steyer Writer Named Poet Laureate — by Hannah Sidaris-Green
Three Questions — by Curtis Dunlap
Poet Showcase — by Cara Holman
Wining, Dining, Haiku — by Katie Daubs, Ottawa Citizen
A Chat about Tanka — by A. C. Missias
Meet the Prompters  on my NaHaiWriMo site
My Son’s Interview — by Thomas Welch

Interviews by Michael Dylan Welch

Enduring Imagist: An Interview with Janet Lewis (1899–1998)
        — by Catherine J. Kordich and Michael Dylan Welch
Meet the Prompters  featuring dozens of NaHaiWriMo daily prompters
Meet the 2016 VCBF Haiku Invitational Winners (short interviews with six poets, plus video)
Meet the 2017 VCBF Haiku Invitational Winners (short interviews with six poets, plus video)
Meet the 2018 VCBF Haiku Invitational Winners (short interviews with six poets, plus video)

Essays and Commentary About Michael Dylan Welch

14 or 15 Combs — by William J. Higginson
An Appreciation — by Laurie W. Stoelting
Carpe Diem Haiku Kai — by Kristjaan Panneman (Chèvrefeuille)
Cupcake Papers — by Patricia J. Machmiller, Joan Zimmerman, and Emiko Miyashita
High Note — by Sandra Simpson
Home for Christmas — by Emiko Miyashita
        (in Japanese, on the Haiku International Association website; see English)
Inner Silence / Silenzio Interiore — by Nicholas Klacsanzky
Issa Explored — by Donna Fuchsluger
Meteor Shower — by Cyril Childs and Jerry Kilbride
Moonless Night — by Cyndi Myers
NeverEnding Story — by Chen-ou Liu
Nine Words — by Tracy Koretsky
On Michael Dylan Welch — by Cor van den Heuvel
On Writing Haiku in English — by Paul Griffiths (review of Becoming a Haiku Poet)
Poetry That Heals — by Naomi Beth Wakan (commentary on eight poems)
Teeth Marks — by Charlotte Digregorio
Three Senryu — by Tom Lynch and Paul O. Williams
Toll Booth Lit for Christmas — by Karen Sohne and Bill Pauly
Two Tanka — Jane Wilson
What Is Haiku? — by Corine Timmer
Windshield Wipers — by Patricia J. Machmiller, Deborah P Kolodji, and Emiko Miyashita
Michael Dylan Welch’s Haiku — by Molly McLinden
Michael Dylan Welch’s Haiku — by Tammy Wright
Haiku Revisited — Robert Lee Brewer
Many of the preceding critical essays are from the Global Haiku Traditions program at Millikin University in Decatur, Illinois. The university maintains a “Haiku Writer Profile” about Michael Dylan Welch.