The following essays and commentary by various writers discuss poems and other writing by Michael Dylan Welch. If you have any additional comments or questions, please contact Michael Dylan Welch. See also the Interviews and Videos pages.       +

14 or 15 Combs — by William J. Higginson
An Appreciation — by Laurie W. Stoelting
Carpe Diem Haiku Kai — by Kristjaan Panneman (Chèvrefeuille)
Fire in the Treetops Review — Vicki McCullough
Haiku Classic 1 — by Dhugal Lindsay (Mainichi)
Haiku Classic 2 — by Dhugal Lindsay (Mainichi)
Haiku Classic 3 — by Dhugal Lindsay (Mainichi)
Haiku Classic 4 — by Dhugal Lindsay (Mainichi)
Haiku Revisited — by Robert Lee Brewer (Writers Digest blog)
High Note — by Sandra Simpson
Home for Christmas — Michael Dylan Welch
Inner Silence / Silenzio Interiore — by Nicholas Klacsanzky
Issa Explored — by Donna Fuchsluger
The Light in the Darkness — by Ruth Yarrow
Magnetic Paper Clips — by Michael McClintock and Johnye Strickland
Meteor Shower — by Cyril Childs and Jerry Kilbride
Michael Dylan Welch — by Claudia Brefeld (in German)
Michael Dylan Welch’s Frisbee — by Nicholas Klacsanzky and five other writers
Michael Dylan Welch’s Scattered Petals — by Nicholas Klacsanzky
Moonless Night — by Cyndi Myers
NeverEnding Story — by Chen-ou Liu
Nine Words — by Tracy Koretsky
On Michael Dylan Welch — by Cor van den Heuvel
On Writing Haiku in English — by Paul Griffiths (review of Becoming a Haiku Poet)
Poetry That Heals — by Naomi Beth Wakan (commentary on eight poems)
Teeth Marks — by Charlotte Digregorio
Three Senryu — by Tom Lynch and Paul O. Williams
Tokutomi Contest Commentary — by Patricia Donegan, Shokan Tadashi Kondō, and Emiko Miyashita
Toll Booth Lit for Christmas — by Paul Miller
Toll Booth Lit for Christmas — by Karen Sohne and Bill Pauly
Two Tanka — by Jane Wilson
What Is Haiku? — by Corine Timmer
Winter Squall — Ferris Gilli

Geppo Commentaries

The following commentaries are from various issues of Geppo journal, where each poem was selected for special commendation. Earlier commentaries to be added.

Cupcake Papers — by Patricia J. Machmiller, Joan Zimmerman, and Emiko Miyashita (2017)
Dripping Azaleas — by Emiko Miyashita, Patricia J. Machmiller, and Linda Papanicolaou (2019)
First Day of the Year — by Patricia J. Machmiller, Emiko Miyashita, and Beverly Momoi (2018)
Ice in the Water Bottle — by Emiko Miyashita, Linda Papanicolaou, and Patricia J. Machmiller (2019)
Ice Storm — by Emiko Miyashita, H. Philip Hsieh, and Patricia J. Machmiller (2021)
Lighthouse Shadow — by Emiko Miyashita, Patricia J. Machmiller, and Hiroyuki Murakami (2020)
Plum Tree’s Blossom — by Emiko Miyashita, Michele Root-Bernstein, and Patricia J. Machmiller (2021)
Summer’s End — by Patricia J. Machmiller, Emiko Miyashita, and Kyle Sullivan (2018)
Tilted Lamp — by Emiko Miyashita, Patricia J. Machmiller, and Neal Whitman (2020)
Windshield Wipers — by Patricia J. Machmiller, Deborah P Kolodji, and Emiko Miyashita (2018)

Global Haiku Traditions

The following essays are from the Global Haiku Traditions program at Millikin University in Decatur, Illinois. The university maintains a “Haiku Writer Profile” about Michael Dylan Welch. 

Michael Dylan Welch’s Haiku — by Molly McLinden
Michael Dylan Welch’s Haiku — by Tammy Wright