Other sites I run
Captain Haiku (on Twitter)
Deja-ku Diary (Wordpress blog)
NaHaiWriMo (National Haiku Writing Month, in February)
NaHaiWriMo (on Twitter; use #nahaiwrimo hashtag)
Seabeck Haiku Getaway (annual retreat I direct)
SoulFood Poetry Night (monthly poetry reading series I curate)
Tanka Society of America (I founded this organization)

Other sites I ran
Facebook sites I run (or help run)
NaHaiWriMo (daily haiku writing prompts)
Redmond Poet Laureate (2013–2015)
Seabeck Haiku Getaway (annual retreat I direct)
Selected links on haiku and tanka
Haikai Home (William J. Higginson)
Haiku and Related Journals (portal site for places to publish your haiku)
Haiku (on Wikipedia)
Haiku in English (on Wikipedia)
Haiku International Association (I gave the keynote address for their 2013 conference in Tokyo)
Haiku Links (beware pseudo-haiku, but some good links here too)
Haiku North America (biennial conference I codirect—next in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, August 7–11, 2019)
Haiku Society of America (I’ve been a longtime first vice president)
The Haiku Foundation (I’m a founding associate)
Old Pond Comics (learn haiku in a fun way)
Open Library (haiku books online)
TempsLibres (Free Times)
Saijiki (season word almanac for haiku composition)
Tanka (on Wikipedia)
Tanka in English (on Wikipedia)
Tanka Society of America (I founded this organization)
Waka (on Wikipedia)
Other organizations I’m associated with
Eastside Writers Association (former vice president; now defunct)
Eastside Writes (board member; I also curated its quarterly poetry readings; now defunct; see Facebook page)
E. E. Cummings Society (I’m a contributing editor to its journal Spring)                                                         +
Redmond Association of Spokenword (board member; I also curate RASP’s monthly reading series)
Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival (volunteer, advisor, instructor, haiku judge)
Washington Poets Association (board member for ten years; now defunct; see Facebook page)
Selected publications and publishers where my writing  has been published      +   +   +
3Lights (England; online)
American Haibun & Haiga (now Contemporary Haibun Online)
Blithe Spirit (England)
Boema (Romania)
Cascade (Washington Poets Association)
Chrysanthemum (Germany)
Cirrus (Canada)
Colorado Boulevard (Poetry Corner)
Contemporary Haibun Online (formerly American Haibun & Haiga)
Cyberwit (India)
Daily Haiku (Canada)
Descant (Canada; online)
Diogen (Bosnia and Herzegovina; online) (online)
Ёrshik (Russia; online)   +
Extract(s) (online)
The Far Field (online)
Feasta (Ireland)
The Footy Almanac (Australia)
Frogpond (Haiku Society of America)
Frozen Butterfly (England; online)
Ginyu (Japan)
Gusts (Tanka Canada) (Canada)
Haibun Today (online)
Haiga Online (online)
Haijinx (online)
Haikuniverse (online)
Haiku Reality (Serbia; online)
Hedgerow (online)
Heron’s Nest (print and online)
A Hundred Gourds (Australia; online)
Involution (online)
Kyoto Journal (Japan)
Lynx (print and online editions)
Mainichi (Japan)
Makoto (European Haiku Society)
The Mamba (Africa Haiku Network)
Matrix (Canada)
Mie Times (Japan)
Moongarlic (online)
Multiverses (online)
Netslova (Russia)
Noon (Japan)
Notes from the Gean (Scotland; online)
Open Window (online  book of my haiku and photographs)
Poetry Kanto (Japan)
Presence (England)
Resonance (American Harp Society/Seattle newsletter)
Ribbons (Tanka Society of America)
Roadrunner (online)
Schuylkill Valley Journal (print and online editions)
Scifaikuest (print and online editions)
Seattle Weekly (print and Voracious blog online)     +  +
Shamrock (Ireland; online)
Simply Haiku (online)
Skylark (England)
Snapshots (England)
Sommergras (Germany)
Tangled Hair (England)
Tinywords (online)
Under the Basho (online)
Wales Haiku Journal (Wales; online)
World Haiku Review (England; online)
Writer’s Digest (online)     +
Yay Words (online)
The Zen Space (Canada; online)     +
Selected additional publications where my writing  has been published
Akisame (European Haiku Society) (Italy)
The Alameda Accent
Albatross (Romania)
Alsop Review
Anglo Files (Denmark)
Bare Bones (England)
BC Harps (Canada)
Belmont Enquirer-Bulletin
Black Bough
Boston Haiku Society News
Brisbane Independent
Brussels Sprout
Burlingame Boutique & Villager
The Chimaera
Colma Independent
Daly City Independent
Edge City Review
Euro Poésie (France)
Evergreen (Japan)
Five Lines Down
Foster City Progress
Fresh Hot Bread
Gendai Tanka (Japan)
Grey Matter
Haidan (Japan)
Haiku: Revistă de Interferenţe Culturale Româno-Japoneze (Romania)
Haiku Canada Newsletter (Canada)
Haiku Headlines
Haiku Ireland (Ireland)
Haikukai (Japan)
Haiku Light (Canada)
Haiku Quarterly
Haiku Society of America Newsletter
Haiku Splash
Haiku Svyat (Bulgaria)
Hermitage (Romania)
Hillsborough Boutique & Villager
HPNC Newsletter
HQ (England)
HSA Newsletter
IDG World Update
Inkstone (Canada)
Jizai (Japan)
Kadō (Romania)
Knight Letter
Kō (Japan)
Kokako (New Zealand)
Kumquat Meringue
Logos Haiku Circle (Japan)
Mainichi Daily News (Japan)
Midwest Poetry Review
Millbrae and San Bruno Sun
Modern English Tanka
Network Literature (Russia)
New Cicada
Northwest Literary Forum
Persimmon Tree
The Plover/Chidori (Japan)
Poetry Nippon (Japan)
Poets Market
Point Judith Light
Portlandia Review of Books
Radio Japan (Japan)
Raw Nervz Haiku (Canada)
Red Pagoda
Redwood City Tribune
Redwood Shores Enquirer-Bulletin
Ripples (Haiku Society of America Newsletter)
Rose Mallow Haiku (Japan)
San Carlos Enquirer-Bulletin
San Mateo Weekly
Season’s Greetings Letter
South by Southeast
South San Francisco Independent
Still  (England)
The Stuttering Priest
Tanka Journal (Japan)
Tanka Splendor
Tidepool (Canada)
TSA Newsletter (Tanka Society of America)
Vrabac/Sparrow (Croatia)
Wah (India)
Western World Haiku Society Newsletter
WinterSpin (Australia)
Yellow Moon