This page collects various prefaces, forewords, introductions, and afterwords that I've written for dozens of books over many years, including all of the biennial Haiku North America conference anthologies. ★ = most recommended (start with these)

Prefaces, Forewords, Introductions, and Afterwords

    An Urge to Sing: Introduction to Perigee Moon (Margaret Chula, 2021)
★ At the Heart of Sharing: Introduction to A Shared Umbrella (Beverley George and David Terelinck, 2016)
     Belonging: Introduction to Still Blue Water (Marje A. Dyck, 2012)
     Castles in the Sand Introduction (Tanka Society of America, 2003)
     Courting the Eyeball Kick: A Short History of Suns and Moons
          (afterword to Seven Suns / Seven Moons, 2016)
★ Desert Heat: A Haiku Revision (afterword to Deep Breath: A Book of Haiku Evolutions, Terry Ann Carter, 2003)
     Finding Your Paths: Introduction to Ancient Bloodlines (Simon Hanson and Ron C. Moss, 2017)
     Friends in Haiku (foreword to Evergreen Haiku Anthology, 2003)
     Galactiku: Introduction to Seeing Stars (Haiku Northwest, 2009)
     Introduction to Countdown (Haiku Poets of Northern California, 2000)
     Introduction to Here, There, and Everywhere (Redmond Association of Spokenword, 2013)
     Introduction to When Butterflies Come (Haiku Society of America, 1993)
     Introduction to Your Hands Discover Me: Alive and Urgent (Claudia Coutu Radmore, 2005/2010)
     Joining the Reunion: Introduction to Seabeck Reunion (Haiku Northwest Press, 2020)
     A Look to the Future of Haiku in English (Haiku Society of America, 1994)
     Next Steps with Haiku (2017)
     Opening the Jumble Box (2017)
     Our Tanka Dance: Introduction to Dance into the World (Tanka Society of America, 2020)

Introductions to Haiku North America Conference Anthologies

    1991: On a First-Name Basis: Introduction to Harvest (Livermore, California)   +
    1993: Introduction to The Shortest Distance (Livermore, California)   +
    1995: Introduction to Northern Lights (Toronto, Ontario)   +
    1997: Introduction to Shades of Green (Portland, Oregon)   +
    1999: Introduction to Too Busy for Spring (Evanston, Illinois)   +
    2001: Introduction to Paperclips (Boston, Massachusetts)   +
    2003: Introduction to Brocade of Leaves (New York, New York)   +
    2005: Introduction to Tracing the Fern (Port Townsend, Washington)   +
    2007: Introduction to Dandelion Wind (Winston-Salem, North Carolina)   +
    2009: Into All Our Words: Introduction to Into Our Words (Ottawa, Ontario)   +
    2011: On Standing Still: Introduction to Standing Still (Seattle, Washington)   +
    2013: Out of the Harbor: Introduction to Close to the Wind (Long Beach, California)   +
★ 2015: The Democracy of Haiku: Introduction to Fire in the Treetops (Schenectady, New York)   +
    2017: Your World for the Moment: Introduction to Earthsigns (Santa Fe, New Mexico)   +
    2019: Come Sit a Spell: Introduction to Sitting in the Sun (Winston-Salem, North Carolina)   +