The bulk of my poetry publications have been haiku, senryu, and tanka. My longer or other poems, selections of which are presented here, have appeared in numerous journals, mostly in California and the Pacific Northwest, but also in many other countries (translated into at least twenty-two languages). Additional poems are available through the Books, Collaborations, Haiga, Rengay, and Trifolds pages. I have many more published poems still to add (not even counting haiku, senryu, and tanka), and hundreds of unpublished poems that I should spend more time getting published in various journals.
If you have any comments about these poems, please contact Michael Dylan Welch.

Recent Additions (with dates added)

An Abundance of Caution (21 March 2020)
[untitled] (28 February 2020)
flighght (20 December 2019)
August Postcard Poetry Fest (27 November 2018)
Three Erasures (23 February 2018)
Grief’s Kitchen (15 July 2017)
The Scarf (5 May 2017)

Longer Poems

★ = most recommended (start with these poems)

    A bird
 An Abundance of Caution (first published here, in the time of the pandemic)
    Anagrams of Mass Destruction (first published here)
    August Postcard Poetry Fest (30 haiku, tanka, and longer poems)
 Bedroom in Arles (ekphrastic poem)
    Flower Sprung to Life (first published here)
    Gypsy Moth (an old sonnet of mine, first published here)
    Iraqi Boys
    Nothings that Go Bump in the Night (is this a poem?)
    Perpetrated Ambiguity (a very old poem of mine, first published here)
 The Scarf (ekphrastic poem)
 Seventeen Ways of Looking at a Haiku (nominated for a Pushcart Prize)
 Silver Notes (a set of mostly spontaneous poems for Seattle’s Olympic Sculpture Park)
      belt it bliss
      son et lumière
[untitled; for September 11] (first publication here)

Other Poems

Ninety-Seven Poems  (youthful indiscretions; selections first published here)
      August 6
      Five Cinquains
      Gypsy Moth (a sonnet)
      Psychedelic Dream (nonsense poem)
      The American Dream (nonsense poem)
      The Amnesiacs
Anagrams (not a poem)