The following reviews focus mainly on haiku and tanka books, and were first published from about 1990 onward. As a result, some of these reviews may include ordering details that are no longer accurate. These are reviews I’ve written; for reviews of my books written by others, I provide links on the Books page, where available. See also Recommended Books on Haiku★ = most recommended reviews (start with these)
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Poetry Books

    Archipelago by Arthur Sze
    You Can’t Be Serious by Ronald Wallace

Haiku Anthologies

★ The Dover Haiku Anthology: A Review [previously unpublished]
    Listening to the Rain [previously unpublished]

Individual Haiku and Senryu Collections

    Alachua: North Florida Haiku by Kenneth C. Leibman
    American Gothic by Steven Carter
    At Bat by Cor van den Heuvel
    Between Waves by Alexis Rotella
    Buzz by David Jacobs
    Chester Creek Ravine by Bart Sutter
    Chrysanthemum Dusk by Susan B. Auld
    Clocking Out by Carlos Colón [previously unpublished]
    Dandelion Seeds by Arvinder Kaur
    Desert Wind by Ferenc Bakos
    Drumming in the Free World by Kim Redshaw
    The Essence of Modern Haiku by Seishi Yamaguchi
    The Fingertips of a Glassblower by Bill Cooper
    First Frost by Zhu Hao
★ Flamingo Shapes by John Barlow
    From the Upper Room by anne mckay
    Getting On by Ernest J. Berry
    Grandma’s Chip Bowl by David Jacobs
    The Haiku Bag by Naomi Beth Wakan
    Haiku Chiaroscuro by David Cobb
    Haiku Edge: New and Selected Haiku by Robert Epstein
★ Haiku, Green Tea & Sushi by Ernest J. Berry [see previously unpublished longer version]
    Happy Wake Up by Milenko D. Ćirović Ljutički
    Horizon by Anatoly Kudryavitsky
    Hundreds of Wishes by Francine Porad
★ Joy in Me Still by George Swede
    Monsoon by William Hart
★ Noddy by Robert Spiess
    One Leaf Detaches by Margaret Chula
    The Open Eye by Lenard D. Moore
    A Path of Desire: Tan Renga by Peter Newton and Kathe L. Palka
    Puerto Rico by Anita Virgil
    The Regulars by Matthew Paul and Waiting for the Seventh Wave by John Barlow 
    Senryu: Poems of the People by J. C. Brown
    Small Things Make Me Laugh by Yu Chang
★ Snow Bones by Masaya Saito
    39 Haiku by Robert Kania
    Voice of the Cicada by Raffael de Gruttola
★ Wall Street Park: A Concrete Renku by Raffael de Gruttola and Carlos Colón
★ Wanting the Mouth of a Lover by Charles Gramlich [previously unpublished]
    Waveforms: Bull Island Haiku by Pat Boran
    What Light There Is by Sylvia Forges-Ryan
    Winnows by Maxianne Berger
★ Young Osprey by Bill Cooper

Books About Haiku

★ African American Haiku: Cultural Visions, edited by John Zheng [see unpublished longer version]
    Discovering Fire by David Grayson
★ The Haiku Seasons by William J. Higginson
    JuxtaOne and JuxtaTwo, edited by Peter McDonald
★ Renga Roots: Haiku Before Haiku by Steven D. Carter

Books for Children or Young Adults

★ Birds on a Wire by J. Patrick Lewis and Paul B. Janeczko
     Least Things by Jane Yolen
    Origami Pinwheels by Kay L. Tracy
    Three Tanka Books for Children (Tony Medina’s Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Black Boy, Robert Paul Weston’s Sakura’s Cherry Blossoms, and Nikki Grimes’ Garvey’s Choice)
★ Two Books for Children (Keisuke Nishimoto’s Haiku Picturebook for Children and Matthew Gollub’s Cool Melons—Turn to Frogs!) [previously unpublished]
     Yuki and the One Thousand Carriers by Gloria Whelan [previously unpublished]

Novels Featuring Haiku

★ Dreaming Spies by Laurie R. King
    The Haiku Murder by Fran Pickering
    The Honest Truth by Dan Gemeinhart


Tanka Anthologies

    Modern Tanka in Japan [not strictly a review, but related]

Individual Tanka Collections

    Short Songs: Tanka Poems by Amelia Fielden
    This Hunger, Tissue-Thin by Larry Kimmel
    A Sprig of Thyme by Reiko Nakagawa
    Like Salt on Sun Spray by Pamela Miller Ness
    Poems in the Attic by Nikki Grimes
    The Cold Moon Watching by Helen Robinson
    Tracing Your Ribs by Claudia Rosemary Coutu

Other Tanka Books

    Tanka Elbow Room
★ The Way of Tanka by Naomi Beth Wakan
    Three Tanka Books for Children (Tony Medina’s Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Black Boy, Robert Paul Weston’s Sakura’s Cherry Blossoms, and Nikki Grimes’ Garvey’s Choice)