Who doesn’t enjoy a good digression now and then? As Laurence Sterne once said, “Digressions, incontestably, are the sunshine; they are the life, the soul of reading.” Or, as Ralph Caplan put it, “Nothing is more to the point than a good digression.” And bless Ray Bradbury, who said “Digression is the soul of wit,” but well see about that. What follows are various random oddities and other miscellaneous digressions, some serious, some for fun, some historical (at least for me), and some ongoing, arranged into categories. They don’t seem to fit anywhere else. So they fit here.       +

Haiku and Tanka

Haiku Christmas Cards (1990–1997, 2012)
Haiku in High Places (1998 and 2001)
Haiku Invitational (2006 and ongoing)
Haiku Knickknacks
Haiku North America (1991 and ongoing)
Haiku on Buses (2007)
Haiku on Sticks (2010 and ongoing)
A Haiku Path (1994)
NaHaiWriMo (2010 and ongoing)
Seabeck Haiku Getaway (2008 and ongoing)
The Simpsons Do Haiku (2011)            +
Street-Guided Meditation (2016; short film with my haiku)
Typos Happen! (1993 and ongoing, alas)
Vancouver Haiku Stone (2006–2008)
Woodnotes (1989–1997)
Words in Bloom (Chicago Botanic Garden, 2021)

Other Poetry

Burning Word (2008)
Poets Wanted (2013–2017)
Redmond Poet Laureate (2013–2015)
SoulFood Poetry Night (2006 and ongoing)


Typos Happen! (1993 and ongoing, alas)

Personal and Family

Birthday Newspapers (2003 and ongoing)
50 Questions (2010)
For the Love of Skiing (1977 and ongoing)
Name Badges (2010 and ongoing)
Racquetball (1976)
Robotics (2021)
Speed Stick Deodorant (tracked sine 1997)
Travel (countries visited)

All the Rest

Artists Personal Exchange (2018 and ongoing)
Digressions (2010 and ongoing)
Lagniappes      +