Crows Return

by Marshall Hryciuk, Claudia Coutu Radmore, Michael Dylan Welch, Hans Jongman, Margot Gallant, Karen Sohne, Merilyn Peruniak, LeRoy Gorman, Christine Nelson, Philomene Kocher, Melanie Noll, Terry Ann Carter, and DeVar Dahl

Published in
Haiku Canada Review 4:1, February 2010, pages 35–38. Begun 10:45 p.m., 16 May 2008 at the Haiku Canada weekend in Ottawa, Ontario, and completed at 1:05 a.m. on 17 May 2009, led by Marshall Hryciuk. My “lightning” verse was incorrectly printed with “the startled mouse” instead of “the startled moose.”

two years away
perched on the verandah                                            Marshall

            the first click
            of marble on marble                                           Claudia

the candle melted
into itself
my book unfinished                                                        Michael

            on the burlap sack
            faint smell of potatoes                                      Hans

the cat
whiter still
by moonlight                                                                     Margot

            tree shadows
            across the kitchen floor                                     Karen

too much Mr. Clean
the dachshund
spinning his wheels                                                         Michael

            i stop trying to change him                               Merilyn

rolling off the righteous
                rain        warming                                               LeRoy

her bathing suit
rides up
and has sand in it                                                             Christine

            watching him
            watch someone else                                          Philomene

only half-formed thoughts
not written
in time                                                                                  Melanie

            mantel clock                     stopped
            before the ball drops                                         Karen

the eyes of a child
in the Mayor’s amulet                                                   Hans

            tin soldiers all in a row                                        Terry Ann

flashlights slowing
smelt in the shallows                                                      Philomene

            calla lilies
            the young bride
            changes her dress                                               DeVar

this way and that
the still-wet foat                                                              Michael

            ex cathedra
            the pope says
            we can believe in aliens                                    Claudia

Alberta vote—
working dogs round up the sheep                            DeVar

            the snowshoer’s tracks
            disappear in the distance—
            forgotten birthday                                              Michael

the burnt-out bulbs
on the women’s shelter
windows fogged                                                              Terry Ann

            who needs
            the view?                                                                LeRoy

the smell of her
still in his beard                                                                 Melanie

            “i got ‘mammed’”
            oh, some young bastard
            at the parking lot                                                  Marshall

black out                                                                              Hans

            counting the moons
            in the puddles
            my toddler                                                              Michael

sunlight a-twitter                                                             Hans

            the startled moose                                             Michael

killing frost                                                                          DeVar

            she swirls
            her drink
            as he talks                                                               Christine

a bus of seniors
arrives at the casino                                                        Karen

            she repaints
            her bedroom
            robin’s egg blue                                                    Terry Ann

earth through worm
to earth                                                                                Claudia

            dead or sleeping?
            the old retriever
            with blossoms in his fur                                     LeRoy

between the clouds
stars and a satellite                                                         Christine