Lilt of the Skylark

by Patricia Machmiller, Agnes Eva Savich, Lenard D. Moore, Charles Trumbull, Michael Dylan Welch, Fay Aoyagi, Garry Gay, David G. Lanoue, Bill Deegan, Johnnie Johnson Hafernik, Doris Lynch, David Oates, Joshua Gage, Paula Hamby, and Jeff Hoagland

First published in
Blithe Spirit 30:4, November 2020, pages 63 to 66. Kasen renku originally composed at Haiku North America, Hawthorne Inn & Conference Center, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, 8, 9 August 2019. Patricia Machmiller served as the sabaki, or leader, and Michael Dylan Welch as the scribe.

        1.    jump, flea!
                my neighbor will be glad
                to host you                                                         Patricia

        2.    dad in shorts
                grills chicken wings                                          Agnes

        3.    memories
                of the scent of ironing
                from upstairs                                                     Lenard

        4.    view of the pine forest
                and the mountains beyond                            Charlie

        5.    I wish I could see
                the footprints
                on the moon                                                      Michael

        6.    the scarecrow skips
                down the yellow brick road                            Fay


        7.    a chilly wind
                through the missing pane
                of the greenhouse                                           Garry

        8.    the school principal
                s the tennis coach                                      David L.

        9.    the pulled tooth
                feels better than
                his lover’s text                                                  Bill

      10.    my to-do list
                on a paper bag                                                 Michael

      11.    his fabulous gown
                made from the curtains
                of his last big role                                             Agnes

      12.    I left my oxygen tank
                on Mt. Everest                                                  David L.

      13.    a contrail
                the winter moon                                              Charlie

      14.    ice glazes the bottom
                of the wheelbarrow                                        Garry

      15.    Icarus
                still falling
                to the sea                                                          David L.

      16.    another journalist
                killed in Russia                                                  Charlie

      17.    Easter lilies
                cut in their prime
                for a wreath                                                      Agnes

      18.    shell collection
                left at the seashore                                         Garry


      19.    spring haze
                in and out
                of my mind                                                       Michael

      20.    the smudge
                on the pope’s eyeglasses                               Bill

      21.    into the night
                lepidopterists converse
                in subspecies                                                   Johnnie

      22.    while we drink wine
                the planets align                                             Doris

      23.    in the Deep South
                the only parking issue is
                where’s the shade                                          David O.

      24.    putting the top down
                at the drive-in                                                 Joshua

      25.    how long
                do I wait
                for Pandora                                                     Paula

      26.    shimmying close
                under the disco ball                                       Lenard

      27.    she says yes
                to his proposal
                on the Jumbotron                                           Garry

      28.    the elephant
                bathes himself in the pond                           Charlie

      29.    in the moonlight
                a mailbox
                with the red flag up                                        Doris

      30.    sulphur shelf mushroom
                on the cutting board                                       Jeff


      31.    lightning again
                the castle keep                                                Michael

      32.    she tries
                the king’s knight’s gambit                             Charlie

      33.    kitchen tiles
                freshly mopped
                and minty                                                         Agnes

      34.    strands of hair
                trace her neck                                                 Joshua

      35.    the gospel choir
                amid the blossoms                                         Michael

      36.    lilt of the skylark
                without an accent                                          Jeff