Nitobe Meditation

A collection of tan-renga written by Michael Dylan Welch in collaboration with fourteen other poets attending the Haiku Canada Weekend at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia, 19–21 May 2006. Most of these tan-renga were written at Nitobe Memorial Garden at UBC on my birthday, May 20, with one tan-renga finished after the weekend. First published in Haiku Canada Review 1:1, February 2007, pages 28–32. You can also view or download the “Nitobe Meditation” PDF on the Trifold Downloads page.

quiet Japanese garden—

a branch cut on the side                               Michael Dylan Welch

facing away from the path                            Sammamish, Washington


a painter and a pond                                     Karma Tenzing Wangchuk

share the loneliness                                     Port Townsend, Washington


     ~   ~   ~


floating leaf

a raindrop                                                      Jessica Tremblay

pushes it in                                                   Vancouver, British Columbia


at the video shop

Titanic out of stock                                       Michael Dylan Welch


     ~   ~   ~


chilly morning—

the moss springs back

after my step                                                Michael Dylan Welch


pink petals float in the pond                        Marshall Hryciuk

above the carp                                             Toronto, Ontario


     ~   ~   ~


black branches

and a silver lamp post—                              Ava Kar

ducks on the frozen pond                             Oliver, British Columbia


the old wardrobe

now stained red                                           Michael Dylan Welch


     ~   ~   ~


a crowd

on the garden path                                      Chandra Bales

I walk around the crows                              Albuquerque, New Mexico


in need of a wash

the black BMW                                            Michael Dylan Welch


     ~   ~   ~


pond’s edge—

the last plum blossom                                 Carole MacRury

drifts to a stop                                             Point Roberts, Washington


a mourning dove

flushes upward                                            Michael Dylan Welch


     ~   ~   ~


garden stroll—

we raise our voices

near the bubbling stream                            Michael Dylan Welch


my friend, the raven, settles                       Howard Lee Kilby

on a high cedar in the wind                        Hot Springs, Arkansas


     ~   ~   ~



in the garden                                               Lyle Rumpel

   a twisted trunk                                         Victoria, British Columbia


finding myself

at the end of the path                                 Michael Dylan Welch


     ~   ~   ~


a stone lantern

covered with moss

next to one without                                     Michael Dylan Welch


visiting friends who still                              Amelia Fielden

live in our old suburb                                  Buff Point, New South Wales, Australia


     ~   ~   ~


under halogen lights

translucence                                                Claudia Coutu Radmore

of a million petals                                       Carleton Place, Ontario


in Spanish

she asks me the way                                   Michael Dylan Welch


     ~   ~   ~


“way of teenage rebellion”—

cedar stump                                                Vicki McCullough

rotted at its core                                         Vancouver, British Columbia


paint faded

on the entire totem pole                             Michael Dylan Welch


     ~   ~   ~


garden walk

each rock                                                    Carmen Sterba

in its right place                                         University Place, Washington


a shiny penny

in the snow-viewing lantern                       Michael Dylan Welch


     ~   ~   ~


a lull in our conversation—

maple tree roots

crisscross the moss                                    Michael Dylan Welch


chopsticks down                                         Terry Ann Carter

the meal is over                                          Nepean, Ontario


     ~   ~   ~


Nitobe meditation—

traffic and waterfall sounds                        elehna de sousa

become one                                                Salt Spring Island, British Columbia


my reflection in the pond

wobbled by a koi                                         Michael Dylan Welch