Six Tan-renga with Paul O. Williams

First published in various journals. The late Paul O. Williams was a dear friend, and it was my pleasure to write the foreword for his last book of poetry, These Audacious Maples.



the parking lot

crowded on this crisp day—

with sea gulls                                                                     Paul O. Williams


        a dropped receipt

        spins in the wind                                                      Michael Dylan Welch


        ~     ~     ~


a kite flown

from the pier weaves

among the sea gulls                                                        Paul O. Williams


        by her anchored fishing pole

        señorita stops her knitting                                   Michael Dylan Welch


        ~     ~     ~


out in the garden

cleaned up for spring—

me and the spiders                                                         Paul O. Williams


        the spigot now rusty

        that dripped into her begonias                          Michael Dylan Welch


        ~     ~     ~


a winter morning—

at six-thirty in the rain

chickens out scratching                                                 Paul O. Williams


        but for one at rest

        under a wheelbarrow                                            Michael Dylan Welch


        ~     ~     ~


passing the scarecrow

the homeless man seems jealous

of his job                                                                             Paul O. Williams


        porcupine quills

        in the lost dog’s nose                                             Michael Dylan Welch


        ~     ~     ~


the sunlit fountain—

the endless, varied games

falling water plays                                                            Paul O. Williams


        my palms chafed

        holding crutches                                                       Michael Dylan Welch