by Marshall Hryciuk, Merilyn Peruniak, Jessica Tremblay, Michael Dylan Welch, David Ash, Helen Baker, DeVar Dahl, Lin Geary, Vicki McCullough, Karen Sohne, and Winona Baker

Published in
Haiku Canada Review 3:2, October 2009, pages 39–42. Begun 10:15 p.m., 16 May 2009 at the Haiku Canada weekend in Vancouver, British Columbia, and completed at 1:30 a.m. on 17 May 2009, led by Marshall Hryciuk [Haiku Canada Review incorrectly lists 18–19 May].

Douglas firs
slow in their sway
over the campus garden                                               Marshall

            in the meltwater
            all the little suns                                                   Merilyn

she tries on
a polka-dot dress—
strapless                                                                              Jessica

            we run out of M&Ms
            before prairie                                                        Michael

cranberry harvest—
the professor looks out
a thousand tired eyes                                                    David

            moon shell
            light through the curtains                                 Helen

Halloween night
a case of tomatoes
dropped on the loading dock                                      Michael

            a firetruck
            with way too many firemen                            Jessica

empty desks
the smell of kids
still in the air                                                                       DeVar

            walking the beach
            her bikini strings me along                               David

in the glass bottle
a shipwreck
and a mermaid                                                                  Jessica

            first visit to Copenhagen
            all the gorgeous blondes                                  Merilyn

back row of the balcony
the two of us
and his mother                                                                 Lin

            the number she gave me
            runs in the wash                                                   Michael

houseboats rise
with the river—
snapping asparagus stalks                                            Vicki

            prom night
            limos circle the neighbourhood                     Karen

yellow roses in her corsage
drinking gin
in the parking lot                                                              Vicki

            the broken spring
            dashes my hopes                                                 Michael

the money wasn’t important to mention              Jessica

            Oh to be on YouTube
            now that Taser’s here                                        Lin

New Year’s Eve
karaoke machine
hell on earth                                                                      Helen

            removing stuffing
            when my water breaks                                     Winona

the in-laws bring
their Gamelan version
of “Auld Lang Syne”                                                        Lin

            her spam blocker
            allows his email                                                     DeVar

talking her into
another morning
late for work                                                                      Karen

            shortest day of the year
            even the sake seems chilled                           David

the snow fence moved
to keep the drift
off the driveway                                                              Michael

            draining the garden hose
            my freezing fingers                                             Merilyn

the last bee on the sweet potato                             David

            old fishing village—
            a spider’s web gathers
            the moon                                                                Michael

25th anniversary
patching the wedding quilt                                          David

            filament broken in the light bulb                    Merilyn

he cheers just as loudly
for the instant reply
empty beer cans                                                              DeVar

            tray of seedlings
            sprinkled with slug bait                                      Karen

lawn tennis
hunting for the ball
in pink heather                                                                 Vicki

            between skyscrapers
            Venus rising                                                           Michael