by Michael Dylan Welch and Tanya McDonald

First published in our book, Seven Suns / Seven Moons (Seattle, Washington: NeoPoiesis Press, 2016), pages 46–53. Originally written 7 April 2009, at SoulFood Books in Redmond, Washington. See also our two rengay from the book, “High Score” and “Torpedo,” and the books afterword.

first warm day
seven suns
are not enough                                                                              Michael

        seven moons
        peer over the eaves                                                              Tanya

seven suns
the new immigrant
conjugates a verb                                                                          Michael

        wrapped in a frayed quilt
        all seven moons                                                                    Tanya

the fifth
of the seven suns
eclipsed                                                                                        Michael

        seven moons
        short a piece of silver                                                          Tanya

the treasure
hidden inside an egg
seven suns                                                                                   Tanya

        playing golf
        on the seventh moon                                                            Michael

do you like butter?
she holds seven suns
to his chin                                                                                    Tanya

        seven moons
        he pours her wine                                                               Michael

seven suns
the digits
of this phone number                                                                 Tanya

        once upon a time
        seven moons                                                                      Michael

lost in the weave
of a plaid slipper
seven suns                                                                                 Tanya

        at the juvie center
        seven moons                                                                     Michael

the baby shakes
the seven suns
to pieces                                                                                   Tanya

        on the surgery scar                                                          Michael

seven suns
the black hen
eats another blossom                                                              Tanya

        my head shrunken
        by the seven moons                                                        Michael

seven suns
our tickets booked
to Mazatlan                                                                             Michael

        the sandcastle holds
        seven honeymoons                                                         Tanya

arctic wind
seven suns
for seven brothers                                                                  Michael

        after the earthquake
        seven silent moons                                                        Tanya

the butcher knife
stuck in the cheese rind
seven suns                                                                             Michael

        seven moons
        what’s in a name?                                                         Tanya

a sun is a sun
is a sun is a sun is a sun
is a sun is a sun                                                                    Michael

        thistle seeds
        scattering the seven moons                                         Tanya

the stranded pod
of pilot whales                                                                     Michael

        circulating the petition
        seven moons                                                                Tanya

seven suns
the time it takes
to say I’m jobless                                                                 Michael

        carousel horse nodding
        to the tune of seven moons                                         Tanya

empty stadium
a hummingbird feeds
on seven sunsets                                                                 Tanya

        seven moons
        since we met                                                               Michael

grinding the last
seven suns of coffee
for the unexpected guest                                                    Tanya

        added to my star chart
        seven moons                                                               Michael

seven suns
strung among the leis
around his neck                                                                  Tanya

        up up and away
        to the seven moons                                                   Michael