Pronunciation Guide for Names of Haiku Poets

First written in April of 2000 in Foster City, California, and revised multiple times since then. Previously unpublished, but originally written as part of “On a First-Name Basis: Deepening Haiku with its ‘Fourth Line.’” Please let me know if you have any additions or corrections for this list.


The following is a short pronunciation guide to names of selected English-language haiku poets and translators, past and present. Each pronunciation is based on personal experience, or on written confirmation received through the mail or via email. If you have a name and pronunciation to add to this list, please let me know. To read more about how the poet’s name after a haiku informs the poem, acting as a sort of “fourth line,” please read “On a First-Name Basis: Deepening Haiku with its ‘Fourth Line.’”


Fay Aoyagi

ah-oh-yah-gee (hard g; not jee)

Mykel Board

michael bord

 Roberta Beary beery
 Margaret Chula shoo-la (not chew-la) 

Ion Codrescu

yon ka-DRESS-ku

Carlos W. Colón

ka-LONE (as in cologne; not CO-lun; and note the acute accent on the second “o” in his last name, although he doesn’t always use it)

Raffael de Gruttola

RAFF-fay-el (not RAFF-fie-el); duh GROO-tullah (not duh gruh-TOW-la)

Marje A. Dyck

MAR-jee (soft g); dick (not dike)

Jeanne Emrich

jean (not genie); EM-rik (not EM-rich)

Sandra Fuhringer

FUR-in-jer (soft g)

Doris Heitmeyer

HITE my-er

Gary Hotham

HOE-thum (not HAW-thum)

Marshall Hryciuk


Jim Kacian

KAY-shun (rhymes with “vacation”; not KAY-see-un)

Larry Kimmel

KIM-mull (not kim-MELL)

David Lanoue

la-N00 (rhymes with canoe; not la-NEW-ee or la-NO-ee)

Kenneth C. Leibman

LIBE-man (not LEEB-man)

Laura Maffei

maf-FAY (not MAFF-fee-aye)

Robert F. Mainone

ma-NO-nee (not MAIN-won)

Paul David Mena

MAY-na (not MEE-na)

A. C. Missias

mi-SIGH-us (not MISS-ee-us)

Lenard D. Moore

le-NARD (not LEN-urd)

H. F. Noyes


Francine Porad

POR-ad (rhymes with FOR; not puh-RAD)

David Priebe

PREE-bee (not just preeb)

Jane Reichhold

RYE-cold (also, note the two h’s is her last name, often misspelled)

Carolyne Rohrig

ROAR-rig (not ROW-rig)

Ce Rosenow

See ROZE-now (not say ROW-zen-now)

John Sheirer

SHY-er (not SHEER-er)

Robert Spiess

speece (not spice)

Elizabeth St Jacques

saint ZHOK (and note that “St Jacques” has no period in “St,” but she does live in Sault Ste. Marie, with a period, in Ontario)

Tom Tico

TEE-ko (not TIE-ko)

Sue Stapleton Tkach


Makoto Ueda

oo-way-duh (not you-aye-duh)

Cor van den Heuvel

HOO-vul (not HOY-vul or huh-WAY-vul)

Michael Dylan Welch

dillon (not DIE-lan); welch (as in the grape juice; not welsh)

Nina Wicker

NIGH-na WICK-er (not NEE-na WHY-ker)

Ruth Yarrow

yeah-row (rhymes with arrow; not YAR-row as in yard)

Rich Youmans

YU-muns (not YO-muns)