First Snow

The following photo-haiga feature poems that I originally collected in “First Snow” (also available as a trifold) in November of 2013 when I was keynote speaker for that year’s Haiku International Association Annual Convention in Tokyo. Thank you to Emiko Miyashita for the Japanese translations. All photos are courtesy of (click any image to enlarge).

first snow . . .
the children’s hangers
clatter in the closet

toll booth lit for Christmas—
from my hand to hers
warm change

first star—
a seashell held
to my baby’s ear

an old woolen sweater
       taken yarn by yarn
              from the snowbank

tulip festival—
the colours of all the cars
in the parking lot

spring breeze—
the pull of her hand
as we near the pet store

scattered petals . . .
the thud of my books
in the book drop

summer moonlight
       the potter’s wheel

crackling beach fire—
we hum in place of words
we can’t recall

meteor shower . . .
a gentle wave
wets our sandals

after the quake
       the weathervane
              pointing to earth

home for Christmas:
my childhood desk drawer