From Faces and Places

First published in Faces and Places: Huntington Library/Gardens (Burbank, California: The Little Buddha Press, 2019), with photographs and haiku by Don Baird, plus additional haiku by Stephen Bailey, Richard Gilbert, Deborah P Kolodji, Kala Ramesh, Michael Rehling, and Michael Dylan Welch. Each poem appears in the book paired with a photograph. See also my introduction to the book, “New Eyes.”

children stopping
on the garden footbridge—
blossom haze

                                                                young leaves—
                                                                news today
                                                                of the refugees

a padlock
rusted shut—
turning turning

                                                                end of chemo . . .
                                                                my younger sister
                                                                donates her wig

gutter ripples—
a short line
for the ice cream truck

                                                                forest shade—
                                                                the sermon still
                                                                in my ears

noon sun—
the surgeon’s words
still ringing

                                                                distant train—
                                                                he flicks again
                                                                with his gold lighter

the parking meter
flashes red—
a hint of snow

                                                                the battery dies
                                                                in my mobile phone . . .
                                                                chrysanthemum breeze