From Jumble Box

Jumble Box: Haiku and Senryu from National Haiku Writing Month, published in 2017 by Press Here and which I edited, features 328 haiku and senryu by 100 poets. Order the book from Amazon. The following are fourteen of my poems from the book, each one inspired by a different daily prompt from February of 2017. Please also read the book’s introduction, “Opening the Jumble Box,” and afterword, “Next Steps with Haiku.”       +

his death haiku
tied to the kite string—
wild grasses

                                                                                snow falling
                                                                                onto the old fishing dock . . .
                                                                                her hand in mine

winter drizzle—
the mattress sale sign spinner
takes a break

                                                                                moonless night—
                                                                                rusted hinges
                                                                                on the slaughterhouse door

mountain chalet—
the coolness at my feet
in front of the fridge

                                                                                summer heat . . .
                                                                                the table wiped clean
                                                                                at the morgue

midwinter thaw—
the scarecrow points the way
with a shriveled radish

                                                                                the last patch of snow
                                                                                on the mossy lawn . . .
                                                                                a call from home

a string of buoys
marks the empty swim area . . .
drifting blossoms

                                                                                lakeshore bonfire—
                                                                                the youth choir amplified
                                                                                from the Christmas ship

before I weigh myself
on the bathroom scale


our blanket
is just yours

                                                                                in the tree rings
                                                                                mouse droppings