From Shamrock Haiku Journal 2012–2018

The following poems were all first published in the Irish Haiku Society’s
Shamrock Haiku Journal (online), and also appeared in its anthology, Shamrock Haiku Journal 2012–2018 (Dublin, Ireland: Shamrock Haiku Journal, 2018), both edited by Anatoly Kudryavitsky. The original journal publication issue and date appears after each poem.

summer drought—
a can of worms
left on the dock

                #30, February 2015

boarded-up cabin—
goose track
across the wet porch

                #30, February 2015

a toast to the bride—
my reflection
in the wine glass

                #30, February 2015

pink bus
on the cherry
beginning to show

                #30, February 2015 (in “Emergency” haibun)

not so cold
when you take my hand
the seaside cave

                #36, February 2017

prairie sky—
the sudden spray
from a peeled mandarin

                #38, October 2017

first winter storm—
the weathervane
points north

                #40, September 2018