From The New Haiku

The following six poems appeared in The New Haiku (Liverpool, United Kingdom: Snapshot Press, 2002). Edited by John Barlow and Martin Lucas, this extensive haiku anthology featured poems published in Great Britain and Ireland. All of these poems previously appeared in Snapshots, except for “in the burning house,” which appeared in PresenceModern Haiku called this book “A significant addition to the haiku literature.”

                                                             after ballet class,
                                                             first raindrops
                                                             on the asphalt

                                                                                empty café—
                                                                                he hangs a spoon
                                                                                on the waitress’s nose

                                        in the wiper’s blade
                                        the bee’s abdomen

first snow . . .
the children’s hangers
clatter in the closet

                                                    haiku poet’s new car       with a moonroof

                                                                                                                         in the burning house
                                                                                                                         the telephone
                                                                                                                         rings once