More Northwest Plants and Flowers

First published in Wales Haiku Journal, 11 August 2020, under the original title of “Northwest Plants and Flowers.” Ive added “More” to the title here to pair these nineteen poems with the twenty-three poems in “Northwest Plants and Flowers” (plus three additional poems). I originally wrote all forty-five poems in August of 2009, mostly about Pacific Northwest plants and flowers (a few plants are not native but have been transplanted to the area).

vine maples—
as the trail straightens
we fall into step

a white birch
cut for the winter—
storm windows on the cabin

English hawthorn leaves
rub against my arm—
a ladybug in your hair

feeling romantic
under the pin oaks
by myself

                red chokeberry
                in the overpass shadow
                crumpled lotto ticket

                black chokeberry
                for sale at the nursery
                we leave with nothing

                purple chokeberry
                the skywriter’s writing

California wax myrtle
that neighbour girl
who was mean to me

purpleleaf ninebark
how does she know
how much sun I need?

                the alpine water fern
                catches my attention
                when the snake has gone

                wilted deer fern clipping
                an interracial kiss
                on TV

                as far as I can see
                in the undergrowth
                Japanese tassel fern

                a long putt for par
                out of soft shield fern
                the jet contrail gone

evergold sedge
I forget which way
we came on the trail

yellow fawn lily
a stone on the trail
not from here

                snowy woodrush
                the gravel foundry ruins
                now a golf course

                my hand touches
                greater woodrush
                cricket chorus

poached egg plant
she tells me in her garden
isn’t a food

planting serviceberry
the park ranger
talking to herself