Toilet Brush Poems

The following poems were published, in Russian, in the July and October 2013 issues of Ёrshik: Journal of Senryu and Kyoka, which in Russian is Ёршик: онлайн-журнал сэнрю и кёка. “Ёrshik” means “Toilet Brush. In Russian, Michael Dylan Welch has been translated as Майкл Дилан Уэлч and Майклом Дилан Уэлчем. See also my interview about senryu from the April 2014 issue of Ёrshik, in which some of these poems also appeared, in English. Translations by Roman Lyakhovetsky, for which I’m grateful.

                                                                                                                first date—
                                                                                                                no luck
                                                                                                                in a field of clover

                                                                                                                первое свидание—
                                                                                                                целое поле клевера и . . .
                                                                                                                полный облом

dinner bell—
her husband comes
as fast as the cat

ужин на столе!
муж с котом прибегают

                                                                                                                on the freebie table
                                                                                                                at the diversity conference
                                                                                                                salted nuts

                                                                                                                [no translation]

most crowded
at the park visitor center
the nature exhibit

“Живая природа”—
битком набит
павильон лесопарка

                                                                                                                at his favourite deli
                                                                                                                the bald man finds a hair
                                                                                                                in his soup

                                                                                                                в любимом бистро
                                                                                                                лысый находит волосок
                                                                                                                в своем супе

neon buddha wants to be
an absolute monarch

неоновый будда хочет быть
абсолютным монархом

                                                                                                                neon buddha says
                                                                                                                making toast
                                                                                                                is still cooking

                                                                                                                неоновый будда говорит
                                                                                                                что поджарить тост
                                                                                                                это тоже кулинария

last day of the year
neon buddha’s resolutions
in invisible ink

последний день года
список решений неонового будды
невидимыми чернилами

                                                                                                                grocery shopping—
                                                                                                                pushing my cart faster
                                                                                                                through feminine protection

                                                                                                                быстрее толкаю тележку сквозь
                                                                                                                отдел женских прокладок