Tidepools Contents

In addition to the content listed here, Tidepools: Haiku On Gabriola (Gabriola, British Columbia: Pacific Rim Publishers, 2011) is sprinkled with many dozens of individual haiku and senryu. See also the Introduction and list of Contributors.


Eunoia: Beautiful Thinking on GabriolaMichael Dylan Welch [introduction, with map]

Grounded on Gabriola — Naomi Beth Wakan [haibun]

A Long Trip — Jim Kacian [haibun]

Leading the FerryMichael Dylan Welch and Alice Frampton [kasen renku]

Haiku Weekends on Gabriola — Winona Baker [haibun]

Opening Lines — Susan Constable [haibun]

SittingMichael Dylan Welch, Richard R. Powell, Marilyn Powell [rengay]

How to Write a HaikuNaomi Beth Wakan [poem]

Annual Gabriola Haiku Weekend — Alison Fitzgerald and Hank Sirlin [haibun]

Living by Poetry: An Interview with Naomi Beth Wakan — conducted by Vicki McCullough

BranchesMichael Dylan Welch and Richard R. Powell [rengay]

Reflection — Susan Yeend [haibun]

Strong for Poetry — Sonja Arntzen [haibun]

Walk, Write, Here — Richard R. Powell [essay/report]

Ginko Thoughts — Jim Swift [haibun]

Undercurrents — Alice Frampton [haibun]

Sandwell Park, Gabriola 2002 — Vicki McCullough [haibun]

Flowers on the Roof of HellMichael Dylan Welch [poem]

What’s the Rush? — Hawk Owl [haibun]

It’s All About Balance — Carole MacRury [haibun]

Spiralling DownTanya McDonald, Russell McDonald, Michael Dylan Welch [rengay]

Haiku Resources [useful website links]

Notes on Japanese FormsMichael Dylan Welch [definitions]

Contributors [index of all 42 contributors]