I’m Sitting Doing Nothing

      by Jack Prelutsky

I’m sitting doing nothing,
which I do extremely well.
Exactly how I do it
is impossible to tell.
I scarcely move a muscle,
but serenely stay in place,
not even slightly changing
the expression on my face.

I’m fond of doing nothing,
so I do it all day long.
Wherever I do nothing,
I don’t ever do it wrong.
When I am doing nothing,
there is nothing that I do,
for if I started something,
it would mean that I was through.

When I am doing nothing,
I’m immobile as a wall.
When I am doing nothing
I don’t do a thing at all.
It’s easy doing nothing
and I find it lots of fun,
though when I’m finally finished
I’m uncertain that I’m done.

From My Dog May Be a Genius, New York: Greenwillow Books, 2008, pages 68–69.