5 & 7 & 5

      by Anselm Hollo



follow that airplane

of course I’m high   this is

an emergency




giant Scots terrier

I thought I saw was known as

Taxicab Mountain




brown photo   legend

“serene enjoyment” they suck

pipes bones crumbled back




night train whistles   stars

over a nation under

mad temporal czars




round lumps of cells grow

up to love porridge   later

become The Supremes




lady I lost my

subway token   we must part

it’s faster by air




“but it’s our world”

tiny blue hands and green arms

your thought in my room




sweet bouzouki sound

another syntax for heads

up to the aether




in you the in moon

its rays entwined in my mind’s

hair   hangs down right in




viewing the dragon

there they ride slim through my dream

Carpaccio’s pair




slow bloom inside you

the mnemonics of loving

incessant chatter




far shore Ferris wheel

turning glowing humming   love

in our lit-up heads




switch them to sleep now

the flying foxes swarm out

great   it’s flurry time




wind rain you and me

went looking for a new house

o the grass grows loud



From Notes on the Possibilities and Attractions of Existence, Coffee House Press, Minneapolis, 2001. Originally from his book Haiku, published in 1968.