Haiku Corner: On Charlie Rose

      by Garrison Keillor

Charlie Rose appeared
One night with a big shiner
And did not explain

Who or what hit him
Thinking this too trivial
For public TV

And allowed women
To think him heroic but
In fact he fell down.

Featured on the Best American Poetry website on 27 April 2008, with David Lehman’s explanation that “This is Garrison Keillor’s contribution to the renga that Vickie Karp created for the “inside thirteen” blog of New York City’s PBS outlet, Channel 13. Renga is the name of a Japanese ‘chain’ form in which two or more poets collaborate in haiku or in alternating stanzas, a haiku stanza (three lines of five, then seven, then five syllables) followed by a two-line stanza, each line containing seven syllables.”