Rentrement of Compulsion

      by L. W. Lindquist

I must—yea, compelled!—to write a rondeau
McCrae watched fields of poppies blow
I need lines worthy of a troubadour
To close forever Sandburg’s open door
Or make slivers of Williams’ wheelbarrow

It’s harder to write haiku like Bash
Sexton could just get a boat and row,
Pretend to be Frost, go from oar to oar
I must—yea, compelled—

I have to make the right lines rhyme now
So from them all I’ve had to borrow
Can Williams double up and write La Flor?
Orrun to the corner poetry store
Yet still I must make a very good show
I must—yea, compelled!

This rondeau is from a 23 June 2016 Tweetspeak blog post by Will Willingham, but the poem (and the infographic it appeared in) is by L. W. Lindquist.