Stopping by Wakan’s on a Sunny Day

      by Winona Baker

What this island’s called I think I know,
Gabriola Isle’s near Nanaimo;
And you’ll see haijin stopping here
To meet, greet, eat, and say hello.

And other folk must think us queer
To come to Drumbeg once a year
To talk about and write haiku
The warmest season of the year.

Some wise folk give their heads a shake
To ask if there’s been some mistake
Why take a walk then write haiku
It’s not a thing that wise ones do.

The path to sea’s not dark or deep
Perhaps on it haiku I’ll reap.
I’ve a walk to take before I eat,
I’ve a walk to take before I eat.

Previously unpublished. Written for the 2011 Gabriola Haiku Weekend at Naomi Beth Wakan’s Drumbeg House on Gabriola Island in British Columbia.       +       +