A bird

First published in Solitary Plover #23, Winter 2016, page 4, the journal of the Friends of Lorine NiedeckerAlso published in Afagando a Face de Lorca [Stroking Lorca’s Face], edited by Francisco José Craveiro de Carvalho, Lajes do Pico, Portugal: Companhia das Ilhas [Island Company], 2020, pages 178 (English) and 179 (Portuguese translation by the editor). Originally written in April 2008 in a Hedgebrook workshop with Anne Waldman on Whidbey Island.       +       +       +

a bird

on the sill
at the window
of the house
where we live
in the country
still at war
shakes its wings
and the world
the whole world

Um pássaro

no parapeito
da janela
da casa 
onde vivemos
no país
ainda em guerra
sacode as asas
e o mundo
o mundo inteiro