Gratitude in a Pandemic

First published on Verse-Virtual on 5 April 2020. This poem began life as a Facebook post on 26 March 2020. See also “An Abundance of Caution.”

I’m thankful to the mail carriers
who are still delivering mail,
to the garbage collectors who are still
doing their thing.
Thank you to the truck drivers
for getting groceries to the stores,
and to all the grocers who are remaining open,
doing their best despite the hoarders.
I’m thankful to local government officials
who are making hard but necessary decisions
to close the playgrounds and civic offices,
and to the police for keeping us safe.
I’m thankful for the sun that keeps rising in the east,
for the clouds when they bring us needed rain.
I’m thankful for my family that hasn’t yet gone crazy,
for my friends who have sent encouraging emails
or called on the phone just because.
I’m thankful for the Internet and for social media
that keeps me in touch despite all the noise.
I’m thankful for everything else I can’t think of so easily
because I had taken it all for granted.
What are you thankful for?