Nine Waterfall Poems

First published in Spring: The Journal of the E. E. Cummings Society #6, October 1997, page 106. I call these waterfall poems because of how the letters might be perceived as falling from a higher level to a lower level.


rain                    rain

                            rain                    rain


icon                    i                           icon                    con

                            icon                     ico                     icon                    icon


vacant               vac                     vacant               va

                            vacant               vacan                vacant               vacant


bladder            bl                        bladder            blad                   b

                            bladder            bladd                 bladder            bladder            bladder


flame                fla                       flame                flame                f

                            flame                flam                   flam                   flame                flame


libido                 libido                 libido                 libido                 libido

                            li bid                    libi                      libid                    libi                      libido


together          together          together          tog

                            tog                     toget                 together          together


nightowl          nightowl          nightowl          nigh

                            nightow           nightow           ni ghtowl          nightowl


vowel                vow                   vowel                vowe

                            vowel                vowe                 vowel                vowel