August 6

Slept late
Had some good dreams
Five star
Or maybe four
I don’t know
I didn’t sleep too good.
Then I pulled back the bedclothes
Threw on my bathrobe
and clambered
In bare feet
To the bathroom.

So I got undressed
And exposed myself to the morning.

I urinated.

The shower was good ’n hot
And I took too long
I leaned against the grimy wet tiles
Head down.
The water streamed down my face.
It got in my eyes.

When I was done,
I got out
And broke the shower door
Maybe I’m clumsy
But I don’t think so.

I toweled myself dry
Still fighting to keep awake
I hung up my damp towel
As neatly as possible
I don’t know why . . .
And pulled my bathrobe back on.

I went back to my room
The floor was metal cold
And I got dressed.
It didn’t take too long.
I put on yesterday’s socks
And shirt and such.
Why? ’Cause it didn’t matter.

Then I went and had some breakfast
Bacon and eggs and toast ’n jam.
And then I threw up.

Next thing I knew it was time to go
So they took me to the courtyard
And shot me.

Previously unpublished.