The American Dream

Obfuscatious palpitations
Maggie takes her bow
Uncontagious litigations
Nixon milks his cow.

Unpredicted tabulations
Granny bakes a cake
Predicated League of Nations
Watt preserves a lake.

Unassuming mental discord
Thatcher roofs her house
Supersonic crashing concorde
Reagan loves a louse.

Misaligned administration
Porter kills a bird
Faulty urban transportation
Now Van Gogh has heard.

The revolution unrestrained
Trudeau tells a joke
My gambrel roof is weathervaned
Father pops the yolk.

Falsely read encephalogram
Bill breaks a bone
Just received a telegram
I want to be alone.

Unrequited requisition
Dali paints a line
Unmolested superstition
Bleeding endocrine.

Regulations contravened
Bailiff sent to jail
No policeman intervened
The baker’s bread is stale.

Uncontrolled capitulation
Nancy skins her knee
Unrestricted immigration
Where’s the maitre d’?

Sympathetic recognition
Webster’s face turns green
Unsynthetic mitigation
De Stihl, he paints a scene.

Universal recreation
Begin builds a bomb
Reagan lacks communication
Needs a Vietnam.

Psychopathic syncopation
Moonies beat a drum
Tomb-enshrining occupation
Ghandi snubs a slum.

Undestroyed reprehension
Orwell’s book I read
Fundamental comprehension
J.F.K. is dead.

Germicidal reservation
Miss Monroe was nude
Suicidal habitation
Tanker spills her crude.

Incongruous invitation
Lady’s broken hip
Unsuspicious metrication
For a Freudian slip.

Americana profligation
Presidential seal
Pollyanna imitation
Everything is real.

Previously unpublished.