Poets in the Park 2017

Saturday, 15 July 2017, 11:00 am to 6:00 pm — FREE!

Anderson Park    |    7802 168th Ave NE    |    Redmond, Washington

Featuring Washington State Poet Laureate Tod Marshall and many other guests!

Poets in the Park in 2017 celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Redmond Association of Spokenword—and yes, we'll have free cake and ice cream! Readings for 2017 will once again feature groups and organizations, with 25-minute reading slots. We also have 55-minute workshops, our book fair, vendors, open-mic readings, and more—and its all free! Scroll down to see the schedule. If you have questions, or anything to propose, please contact Michael Dylan Welch.

Enjoy poetry readings and performances on our Café  and Picnic Shelter stagesworkshops in our workshop cabin, and activities, installations, and vendors throughout the park, plus our poetry book fair (coordinated by Brick and Mortar Bookstore, with no commission taken)—all FREE! Bring your own lunch to enjoy on the lawn or in our café area. Poetry putt-putt (mini-golf), chalk poetry, hula hoops, Haiku on Sticks, art/craft activities for kids and adults (sponsored by VALA Art Center and Jim Teeters), RASP poetry anthology poems on sticks, and more! And great summer weather too!

See the Facebook invite. Tweet to #poetsinthepark.

See below for the schedule, individual and group participants, book fair information, and more.

Sponsored by the Redmond Arts & Culture Commission and the Redmond Association of Spokenword, directed by Michael Dylan Welch. Additional thanks to Dan Ullom and all our volunteers.


Read about Poets in the Park 2014, Poets in the Park 2015, and Poets in the Park 2016—photos, schedule, participants, vendors, and more.


Anderson Park is located at 7802 168th Avenue NE in Redmond, Washington—see map. You’ll find plenty of free street parking (come early to park closer to the event). You can also park in the church parking lot immediately to the east of the park (yes, this is okay). Additional parking available at the Old Redmond Schoolhouse Community Center, about two blocks away at 16600 NE 80th Street in Redmond.

Construction Note: The south end of 168th Avenue NE, next to Anderson Park, is closed for construction. This slightly reduces the number of parking spaces available, and means you need to enter 168th Avenue (if you park there) from the north. Other construction activities are taking place along Redmond Way, but should have little effect on Poets in the Park, but consider giving yourself an extra five minutes in case of any last-minute construction changes or navigation challenges. Also note that westbound State Route 520 (over the floating bridge) will be closed on July 15 (eastbound is still open).

Book Fair

Our gratitude to Dan Ullom of Redmonds new Brick and Mortar Books for facilitating our no-commission book fair, in the Adair cabin. Just bring your poetry-related publications to sell at the book fair, fill out the book fair inventory form (view or download PDF file—please do this before Saturday if you can), and enjoy the festival! Put a price list next to your publications, or mark each one with a price. Check in at the end of the day to pick up unsold books. You can purchase publications with cash, check, or credit card.

2017 Schedule

Don’t miss a moment of our many readings and performances at our Café and Picnic stages, and the Fullard Cabin. Come early to catch it all! Bring your own lunch. All sessions end five minutes before the next session. All events and activities are free.

The following schedule is subject to change.


Main Stage

Picnic Shelter Stage

Fullard Workshop Cabin


Welcome: Michael Dylan Welch

Redmond Association of Spokenword — 20th Anniversary Celebration:
Michael Heavener

RASP Reading:
Laura Lee Bennett, Pamela Denchfield, Emily Dietrich, Kara Simon, and Von Thompson-Wynn, plus RASP cofounders Cora Goss-Grubbs and 
Rebecca Meredith


Band of Poets:
John Burgess, Ted McMahon, Jed Myers, and Rosanne Olson


Tod Marshall, Washington State Poet Laureate


WA 129 Anthology:
Jennifer Bullis, Mary Eliza Crane, Lynne Ellis, Jasleena Grewal, Sarah Koenig, Jenny Liou, Tanya McDonald, Maria Mills, Shin Yu Pai, Carl Palmer, Heidi Seaborn, John Treat, Connie Walle, and Michael Dylan Welch


Taking a Stand:
“Three’s Company: Hilary, Donald, and Cronus”: Maliha Masood and Azeem Egizi (age 8)
“Damage Control”: Eva Moon

featuring MEN
facilitated by
Ken Osborne

(if you don't identify as male or as female, feel free to read at any reading)

Tod Marshall:
“Brute Beauty and Valor and Act: Making Poetry Out of Extremity”


Redmond Poet Laureate:
Shin Yu Pai
performing with Tom Rorem and Tomo Nakayama


Clover: A Literary Rag:
hristine M. Clarke, Shannon Laws, and Sherry Rind

featuring WOMEN

(if you don't identify as male or as female, feel free to read at any reading)

Laurel Leigh:
“The Art of Performing Your Words”


Rose Alley Press:
“Verse Aid Kit: Poems of Consolation and Companionship”: David Horowitz, Kristen McHenry, Jed Myers, and Amy Schrader


Striped Water Poets:
Julie Courey, Brendan McBreen, Gerald McBreen, Cindy Hutchings, and Jim Teeters

Open-mic featuring everyone

(children welcome too!)

Carolyne Wright:
“The Poet Writes Back / Strikes Back” (on responding persuasively to disagreement)


Jack Straw Writers:
Afrose Fatima Ahmed, Jamaica Baldwin, and Catalina Marie Cantu 


Raven Chronicles:
Anna Bálint, Mary Eliza Crane, and Risa Denenberg

Living Room:
Bring a poem to share, with group feedback, facilitated by Kara Simon


Cowboy Poetry:
Lynn Kopelke
Instant Featured Readers:


Closing Words: Michael Dylan Welch

Thank you for attending Poets in the Park!


Haiku on Sticks (view poems by Haiku Northwest members)
Poetry Putt-Putt (mini golf)
Poetry on Sticks (view poems from the RASP poetry anthology, Here, There, and Everywhere)
Chalk Art (by Pamela Denchfield)
Art Activities (sponsored by VALA Art Center)
My Goldfish Stole the Moon: Poetry Fun (sponsored by Jim Teeters, with book-making craft activities for kids)
Melanie Reed, speed poet

Groups, Organizations, Vendors, and Sponsors

Band of Poets
Black Heron Press
Brick and Mortar Books
Cave Moon Press
Chin Music Press
City of Redmond
Clover: A Literary Rag
Go To Golf
Haiku Northwest
Headmistress Press
Humanities Washington
Jack Straw Writers
Raven Chronicles
Redmond Arts & Culture Commission
Redmond Association of Spokenword
Redmond Historical Society
Rose Alley Press
Striped Water Poets
VALA Art Center
and more!

Individuals (scheduled performers)

Afrose Fatima Ahmed
Jamaica Baldwin
Anna Bálint
Laura Lee Bennett
Jennifer Bullis
John Burgess
CatalinaMarie Cantu
Christine M. Clarke
Julie Courey
Mary Eliza Crane
Pamela Denchfield
Risa Denenberg
Emily Dietrich
Azeem Egizi
Lynne Ellis
Cora Goss-Grubbs
Jasleena Grewal
Michael Heavener

David Horowitz
Cindy Hutchings
Sarah Koenig
Lynn Kopelke
Shannon Laws
Laurel Leigh
Jenny Liou
Tod Marshall
Maliha Masood
Brendan McBreen
Gerald McBreen
Tanya McDonald
Kristen McHenry
Ted McMahon
Rebecca Meredith
Maria Mills
Eva Moon
Jed Myers

Tomo Nakayama
Rosanne Olson
Ken Osborne
Shin Yu Pai
Carl Palmer
Melanie Reed
Sherry Rind
Tom Rorem
Amy Schrader
Heidi Seaborn
Kara Simon
Jim Teeters
Von Thompson
John Treat
Connie Walle
Michael Dylan Welch
Carolyne Wright
and more!