Fire in the Treetops — Contents

The following contents appear in Fire in the Treetops, edited by Michael Dylan Welch. Poems are reprinted from each Haiku North America conference anthology from 1991 up to 2015, with poems from 2015 being newly published. For each year, an organizer of that year’s conference provides a brief essay appreciating one poem from that anthology. The book contains more than a thousand haiku and senryu, and is dedicated to the memory of William J. Higginson.

The Democracy of Haiku — Michael Dylan Welch

1991       Harvest
                A Gleaning — Jerry Ball
1993       The Shortest Distance
                Discovery — Garry Gay
1995       Northern Lights
                Left Behind — Marshall Hryciuk
1997       Shades of Green
                Coming and Going — Ce Rosenow
1999       Too Busy for Spring
                Not So Obvious — Joseph Kirschner
2001       Paperclips
                Remembering in Silence — Raffael de Gruttola
2003       Brocade of Leaves
                Aromas — Tom Painting
2005       Tracing the Fern
                Escaping — Christopher Herold
2007       Dandelion Wind
                A Few Molecules — Dave Russo
2009       Into Our Words
                Lorca, Brewster, and Wright: On the Edge of Haiku — Terry Ann Carter
2011       Standing Still
                Emotional Leaps — Angela Terry
2013       Close to the Wind
                First Times — Deborah P Kolodji
2015       Once Upon a Time
                An Immense Sky — Tom Clausen

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