2012 Moon Viewing Haiku Contest

The following are the winners from the 2012 Moon Viewing Haiku Contest held at the Seattle Japanese Garden on 1 September 2012 for its annual Moon Viewing Festival. At the event, we read the following 28 poems, selected out of 155 submitted poems, including a remarkable bonus poem. These results were also posted to the Seattle Japanese Garden Community Blog.

      Judged by Tanya McDonald and Michael Dylan Welch

First Place

Moonbeams fall
through maple leaves—
moth wings shimmer

        Frank Edwards

Second Place

moon beams stream
through the open bedroom window
I light your candle

        Kerry Campbell

Third Place

thirty-five-watt bulb
a bare moon above the sink
warm hand clasping mine

        Andrew Savage

A Special Bonus Poem

I’ll light your way
in every phase of life
my world revolves about you.

Franklin, will you marry me?

        Matthew Gatheringwater (see “A Modest Proposal” — Franklin said yes)

Additional Poems
(including one or two poems that weren’t haiku but that we couldn’t resist)

Once in a blue moon
as we sit sipping sake
I sense your longing.

        Amy Scott

Double the faces
white circles in the water
moon rising above

        Lisa Mathews

Play on, moon—
fat quarternote
on the telephone wire.

        Kelly Huffman

Don’t worry, moon
my fondue fork
doesn’t reach that far.

        Kelly Huffman

cover my view
the moon winks

        Katherine Montesino

Dad, dad . . .
Why is the moon
following me?

        Roxana Chieppe
        (a memory of 25 years before)

I see the moon
Does it see me?
I wonder!

        JoAnne Rudo

the curve of the tree
the light of the moon
I dance

        Beth Daynes

Oh, the moon so bright!
Why are you hiding from me
behind the branches?

        Laura Khotemlyansky (child)

As evening darkness falls
a cold breeze chills my bones—
Ah, the full moon!

        Steve Kirk

Is the moon full or empty
Never empty
Full of promise

        Stephanie Toliver

Too much wine . . .
two faces on the
blue moon

        Elena Naskova

yellow moon
glistens on a red fin

        John Daynes

lovely ladies
beautiful garden
I see the moon

        Bob Bamford

brightly shining
a harvest blue moon floats
at dusk

        Yoshie Hagood

Legendary rabbit on the moon
jumps onto Neal’s footprint

        Dan Kraus

fall is now afoot
watch the full moon rising
your life will not wait

        Skip Mathews

The moon shines bright upon
the midnight lake.
The boats float quietly in wait.
Wait with me and watch.
They begin to dance.

        Zoë R.

Moon on still water—
     how deep
          how deep

        John Daynes

yin and yang
under the blue moon . . .
black and white koi


The golden moon
reflected on a still pond—
koi are stirring

        Frank Edwards

My heart is full of love
Because the moon is full
Or maybe . . .

        Naomi K. (age 6)

Before you rise
how can I wax poetic,
radiant moon?

        Deena Manis

What price a full moon?
Fifteen dollars, I believe
Worth every moment

        E. Wilder