Sleeping Over

First published in Blithe Spirit 8:3, September 1998, page 31. See also Dew on a Rose. The first poem (in the image) was published in Hiroaki Sato’s Erotic Haiku anthology (Tokyo: IBC Publishing, 2004).   +

my sheets in the laundry
in case you might
stay over tonight

grocery shopping—
   first condoms
since the breakup

my fingers
     quivering . . .
brushing your buttons

flickering candle . . .
the curve of my palm      fits
the shape of your breast

the candle flickers . . .
she smiles and says
my panties are edible

the ice cube
held between my lips . . .
hardens your nipple

your rhythmic breathing . . .
     my jeans on the floor
bent at the knee

riding you . . .
    the tip of my tongue
        across your lower lip

distant waves—
the stretching of your neck
with my thrusting

in the garbage can
wrapper of a condom brand
I don’t recognize

awake in moonlight
       beside you
I watch your chest rise and fall

hitting the snooze button,
I disappear
back into my love dream