Haiku News

The following poems appeared in Haiku News, a periodic online haiku website in which haiku are paired with topical news items, and also appeared in the Haiku News Anthology 2009–2011 anthology (Lawrence & Gibson Publishing Collective, 2012), edited by Laurence Stacey and Dick Whyte.

after the quake
     adding I love you
          to a letter

                Haiku News, 27 November 2009

                    on the freeway
the skywriting drifts

                Haiku News, 19 December 2009

Valentine’s Day—
she reminds me
to fasten my seatbelt
                     +   +

                Haiku News, 14 January 2010

after the quake
     the weathervane
          pointing to earth

                Haiku News, 4 September 2010

bending for a dime
two businessmen
bump heads

                Haiku News, 11 November 2010