Jumble Box Haiga Selections

Jumble Box: Haiku and Senryu from National Haiku Writing Month, published in 2017 by Press Here and edited by Michael Dylan Welch, features 28 haiga by artist Ron C. Moss. The following are three selections from the book. See also Jumble Box Poem Selections. Also read the book’s introduction, “Opening the Jumble Box,” and afterword, “Next Steps with Haiku.” See Rons artist bio below, and for more of his artwork, please visit his website.       +

cricket in the grass

is there a haiku
just for you?

        Nikolay Penchev

                                                        tea brewing . . .
                                                        the way the moon fills
                                                        the pause of cicadas

                                                                Kathy Uyen Nguyen

                                                                                                                thorny quince in bloom—
                                                                                                                a birdcall pierces
                                                                                                                the morning

                                                                                                                        Judt Shrode

About the Artist

Ron C. Moss
lives in Tasmania and has been writing haiku and related genres since 1999. He has published more than a thousand haiku worldwide and his haiku appear in many anthologies. His first book, The Bone Carver, won the Snapshot Press Book Award, the Haiku Foundation’s Touchstone Award, and an honourable mention in the Haiku Society of America’s Kanterman Book Awards. Ron is also a visual artist and award-winning photographer, often combining his poetry and art. His latest collection, Bushfire Moon, contains haiku and prose written about his experiences as a Tasmanian volunteer firefighter. 
Ron is available for commissioned art and design work. You can contact him by email or through his website.   +