Jumble Box Poem Selections

Jumble Box: Haiku and Senryu from National Haiku Writing Month, published in 2017 by Press Here and edited by Michael Dylan Welch, features 328 haiku and senryu by 100 poets, with artwork by Ron C. Moss. Order the book from Amazon. The following are twenty-eight selections from the book, one from each day of the month of February, which has been the official month for NaHaiWriMo every year since National Haiku Writing Month was first observed in 2011. 
See also Jumble Box Haiga Selections.” Also read the book’s introduction, “Opening the Jumble Box,” and afterword, “Next Steps with Haiku.”       +       +

February 1

jumble box
all my unfinished

                Greg Longenecker

February 2

wind in the branches
weather forecast
with sign language

                Viktoriya Marinova

February 3

winter moon
the A-bomb dome
casting a shadow

                Johnny Baranski

February 4

potter’s wheel
the way the clay
shapes her hands

                Terri L. French

February 5

ladies of the evening
waving as if they
knew me

                Michael Henry Lee

February 6

hospital doors
the comings and goings
of a winter’s day

                Robert Kingston

February 7

suggested edits
cut my enjoyment by half
—acceptance letter

                Eric Lohman

February 8

old barn door
open just enough
for time to pass

                Sandi Pray

February 9

cataract surgery—
the wrinkles
I never knew I had

                Pamela Cooper

February 10

traffic jam—
the unchanging rhythm
of windshield wipers

                Ida Freilinger

February 11

clean as a whistle—
and then I see
the whistle

                Paul David Mena

February 12

nice, but what is it?
a viewer’s head tilts sideways
at the spring art fair

                Linda Papanicolaou

February 13

scarlet begonias . . .
my mother is
still in the garden

                Devin Harrison

February 14

the way a mother smiles
at her newborn

                Barbara Kaufmann

February 15

old neighborhood—
the climbing tree
beyond my reach

                Carole MacRury

February 16

sunbirds flit
in and out of sun beams
porch swing

                Anitha Varma

February 17

hunger moon . . .
the old hippie
tunes his guitar

                Robert T. Franson

February 18

a bumblebee drones
from flower to flower
slow news day

                Alison Williams

February 19

walking among
cherry blossoms
the blind couple

                John Hawk

February 20

quake anniversary
a lone spoonbill
stalks the mudflats

                Barbara Strang

February 21

falling apart
the construction worker’s
packed lunch

                Stella Pierides

February 22

leafing out . . .
baby’s first step
becomes his second

                Michele L. Harvey

February 23

peacock feathers one selfie after another

                Christine L. Villa

February 24

s NO w

                Sara Winteridge

February 25

level crossing . . .
roadside daisies nodding
to the wind

                Jayashree Maniyil

February 26

in the living room
dancing with our mother

                Joseph Connolly

February 27

Buddha under snow—
for him too
seasons move on

                Iocasta Huppen

February 28

shallow pond . . .
blue heron
in deep focus

                Corine Timmer