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This website mostly features content that I have previously published elsewhere and then collected here. However, for various reasons, a number of contributions have appeared here without first being published elsewhere. Here’s a list of most of them. In most cases, I decided to publish this content on my website because of the unlikelihood of publishing it elsewhere. In some cases the content stems from workshops I give, or from presentations or speeches I’ve given at conferences or other events. In other cases the content missed its window of opportunity for publication, so I’ve included it here rather than leave it unavailable. Introductions to major subpages, such as Haiku and Senryu, and nearly all of the marvelously fascinating contributions to the Digressions page are also previously unpublished. See also the Postscripts page, which lists previously unpublished additions to other content.

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Anagrams of Mass Destruction
August Postcard Poetry Fest (30 poems, mostly not published before)