20th Anniversary of Rengay

Post date: May 25, 2012 3:41:17 AM

In 1992, Garry Gay invented the rengay form of thematic collaborative poetry, and he and I wrote the very one together in August of 1992. And for many years the Haiku Poets of Northern California has held an annual rengay contest, which I have won six times, and judged numerous other times. In celebration of rengay’s 20th anniversary milestone, my press, Press Here, will be publishing a rengay anthology, for which I will soon be seeking submissions (starting August 1, 2012). For more information about this anthology, please visit the submission guidelines. For more details about rengay, please visit the Rengay page. If you write rengay, I look forward to considering your submissions (previously published or contest-winning rengay preferred). And if you haven’t yet written a rengay, get started!