If you’ve got nowhere to go, start here. You’ll like nothing better. Welcome to the website for nothing, a daily journal of poetry. Sometimes hourly. Each issue features not a single thing that you or anyone else has written. Each page is devoid of all writing, even devoid of page numbers, but especially devoid of poetry. Instead, each page is filled with the ultimate void. You can’t avoid it. Nor can you void it. This page is good for nothing. Explore this site to learn more about nothing. Or maybe you’ll learn nothing.

Current Issue

We thought our current issue was procrastination, but that’s a future issue. Maybe. We’ll have to think about that. Click to view the latest.

a sunny spring day—

people are doing nothing

in the small village


Editor of Nothing

Nothing is edited by Michael Dylan Welch, whose motto, at least today, is “How beautiful it is to do nothing, and then to rest afterward.” As the Semi-Grand Poobah of Nothing, Michael is more or less qualified to do this job. After all, there’s nothing to it.

Publisher of Nothing

Brought to you proudly by the Department of Redundancy Department at the University of Nothing at Peapack, also known as Peapack University of Nothing (PUN). Actually, publishing nothing takes a whole universe, except for the bits where there’s something. But please think nothing of it. And if you think nothing is not good enough for you, then you clearly need 200% of Nothing.       +       +       +       +       +

Please also subscribe to our sister journal, Next to Nothing. However, because of its persistently blatant overstatement, we recommend avoiding our rival journal, Absolutely Nothing.

Nothing to See Here, Move Along

saying nothing . . .

the guest, the host

the white chrysanthemum

—Ryota Oshima


finding nothing

in the Zen temple


Zen garden


stands out

—Robert Epstein

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summer sky

how could nothing

be so blue

Brad Bennett