Trifolds here! Get your trifolds here! Once or twice a year I create a new trifold flyer with selections of usually recently published haiku, senryu, tanka, or occasionally rengay. I print 100 to 200 copies of each flyer on specialty paper (it’s a broadside of sorts), usually stamp each copy with my chop (with my name in Japanese), and give out copies at selected readings, workshops, conferences, or other presentations. The following is a list of most of the trifolds I’ve done over the years (I’ve lost track of a few earlier ones, including one-page handouts that were not trifolds). Links indicate that a PDF version of that particular trifold is available online. These links display a separate page where you can view the files or download them to print out for yourself. The following trifolds are listed in chronological order, most recent first. Comments always welcome! See “Why Trifolds Are One of the Best Freebies to Give Away at Haiku Conferences.”       +

My Trifolds (in chronological order, most recent first; click links to see the download page)