Rengay Essays

Please visit my new Rengay website, which now contains
all the content that used to be featured here.

Learn about rengay. This page used to present essays focused on learning and appreciating the rengay form, which you can now read at its new location. Rengay is a six-verse poetic collaboration usually by two or three writers using a set pattern of three-line and two-line haiku, invented by Garry Gay in 1992. Read more about the form and its origin on the new Rengay website. For details about the context in which rengay was invented, please read “Japanese Renku Group Visits San Francisco” (includes a new postscript about rengay). See also “Finding Your Paths,” my introduction to Ancient Bloodlines, a book of rengay by Simon Hanson and Ron C. Moss. For renku and other collaborative writing, please see the Collaborations page. See also the Rengay page I run on Facebook. + + + +

If you have any comments or questions about rengay, please contact Michael Dylan Welch.