The following assorted videos, mostly on YouTube, are arranged in chronological order, with the most recent first. These links feature my haiku workshops, readings of haiku and longer poetry, and other poetry-related presentations. +

Moving Mountains (5:41)

28 December 2021, haiku by Michael Dylan Welch and Ron C. Moss with photos by Ron C. Moss and Schumann piano music performed by Steve Hodge

Well-Worn Path (5:31)

16 September 2021, seasonally arranged haiku and senryu by twenty poets from Washington State (video created by Michael Dylan Welch)

How to Haiku (2:42:48)

23 June 2021, North American Japanese Garden Association (workshop)

Lorine Niedecker’s Exchange for Haiku (24:36; intro at 1:38, my presentation from 1.03:20 to end)

Recorded 10 June 2021, put online July 2021, American Literature Association conference (presentation)

The Weather-Beaten Jizō: Shikoku Pilgrimage Haiku by Shūji Niwano (44:08)

6 June 2021, British Haiku Society annual meeting (presentation)

My part begins with 44:08 remaining in the video

Haiku Targets Workshop (2:25:44)

1 June 2021, Bellevue Japan Fair festival (workshop)

How to Haiku (2:37:11)

17 April 2021, Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival (workshop) +

SoulFood Poetry Night (1:40:28)

18 March 2021 reading featuring the Take a Stand: Art Against Hate anthology (with me as MC for this monthly series I curate)

HaikuLife 2021 Video (7:58, my segment at 4:04)

4 March 2021, Celebrating Cor van den Heuvel’s 90th birthday for the Haiku Foundation +

Featured Poet (intro at 24:30, my part from 25:22 to 49:48)

11 February 2021, Ghost Town Poetry Night (Zoom reading)

Haiku Targets Workshop (2:57:00; first 90 minutes for presentation)

11 November 2020, Nick Virgilio Haiku Society

Your Haiku Archives (53:59)

2 August 2020, American Haiku Archives (Zoom PowerPoint presentation) +

Pandemic Poetry (1:25:17)

14 May 2020, King County Library System (MC for open-mic reading)

How to Haiku (1:30:14)

26 April 2020, Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival (workshop) +

Pico Iyer and the Poetic Art of Going Nowhere (28:21)

8 April 2020, King County Library System (presentation about haiku) +

Cascadia Poetry Festival (3:00)

11 May 2019, Anacortes, Washington (“Canticle” poem); my part starts at the 26:19 mark

Seven Suns / Seven Moons, with Tanya McDonald (10:38)

15 September 2017, Haiku North America (poetry reading) +

Seasoning (2:54)

2017, video by Steve Hodge (with my haiku)

In Conversation, with Sheila Bender (28:06; audio only)

20 September 2016, KPTZ radio broadcast (interview on poetry)

Street-Guided Meditation (6:01)

September 2016, a short film by Noam Oren that begins with one of my haiku

Clover 9 Reading (12:04)

27 September 2015, Village Books, Bellingham, Washington (a mix of longer poems)

Literary Citizenship: Talking Pages (21:19)

17 February 2015, Eastside Writes, Issaquah, Washington (MC, with readers Lori May and Elissa Washuta)

(see the Eastside Writes YouTube video channel for numerous other videos, many of which I appear in)

True Colour Poetry Reading (20:00)

6 December 2014, Redmond City Hall, Redmond Lights Festival (rengay poetry reading) +

Valentine’s Day Haiku (0:10)

August 2012, Seattle, Washington (poem)

SoulFood Poetry Night (playlist of 23 recordings)

2009 to 2012, Redmond, Washington (MC) +