The following assorted videos, mostly on YouTube, are arranged in chronological order, with the most recent first. I also include a few audio links. These links feature my haiku workshops, interviews, readings of haiku and longer poetry, and other poetry-related presentations.       +

★ = most recommended (start with these recordings)

RattleCast #180 (2:32:25)

6 February 2023 interview with me by Rattle editor Tim Green (live streaming starts at the 0:50 mark, and my segment runs from 8:15 to 1:31:10 or so (with further reference to my reading in some of the poems shared in the open-mic that follows)

Wise Owl Interview (1:18:36)

1 January 2023 interview with me by Neena Singh for The Wise Owl (India), recorded 25 November 2022; see also a separate print interview by Neena Singh at “Tête-à-Tête: Michael Dylan Welch

Holiday Haiku (3:42)

7 December 2022, showing thirty of my haiku in a main-stage installation for the 2022 Redmond Lights festival, projected four times an hour for six hours each night from 1 December 2022 to 4 January 2023 at the Buoyant Pavilion at Downtown Park in Redmond, Washington (see Holiday Haiku)

2022 Virtual Japan Fair (3:00:07)

9 July 2022 live-streamed event, with my announcement of the English-language haiku contest winners that I judged (starting at 2:26:24), followed by Japanese-language results (ending at 2:34:11)

SoulFood Poetry Night (1:31:06)

16 June 2022 reading featuring Rick Lupert and Ellyn Maybe (with me as MC for this monthly series I curate)

Flowers on the Roof of Hell (2:22)

30 April 2022, my recording of a poem broadcast on Poetic Podcast (audio only, starting at the 12:05 mark in Episode 3 on Anchor FM)

Moving Mountains (5:41)

28 December 2021, haiku by Michael Dylan Welch and Ron C. Moss with photos by Ron C. Moss and Schumann piano music performed by Steve Hodge

Even in Kyoto: Place Names in Haiku (51:37)

16 October 2021, Japan Writers Club, via Zoom (presentation)

Well-Worn Path (5:31)

16 September 2021, seasonally arranged haiku and senryu by twenty poets from Washington State (video created by Michael Dylan Welch)

How to Haiku (2:42:48)

23 June 2021, North American Japanese Garden Association (workshop)

Lorine Niedecker’s Exchange for Haiku (24:36; intro at 1:38, my presentation from 1.03:20 to end)

Recorded 10 June 2021, put online July 2021, American Literature Association conference (presentation)

The Weather-Beaten Jizō: Shikoku Pilgrimage Haiku by Shūji Niwano (44:08)

6 June 2021, British Haiku Society annual meeting (presentation)

My part begins with 44:08 remaining in the video

Haiku Targets Workshop (2:25:44)

1 June 2021, Bellevue Japan Fair festival (workshop)

Haiku Poet Podcast (42:34)

12 May 2021, interview presented by Josh Cleveland and his kids (my text interview answers read and discussed) — also available on Spotify

How to Haiku (2:37:11)

17 April 2021, Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival (workshop)       +

SoulFood Poetry Night (1:40:28)

18 March 2021 reading featuring the Take a Stand: Art Against Hate anthology (with me as MC for this monthly series I curate)

Haiku Seeds (46:48, my segment starts a little after the haiku focus begins at about 27:20, and goes to 42:57)

March 2021 “Bloom” video produced by the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival in the spring of 2021, with my concluding Haiku Seeds presentation to conclude this educational broadcast; see also “Haiku Seeds” for the text of my contribution to this video and also see the VCBF website

HaikuLife 2021 Video (7:58, my segment at 4:04)

4 March 2021, Celebrating Cor van den Heuvel’s 90th birthday for the Haiku Foundation       +

Featured Poet (intro at 24:30, my part from 25:22 to 49:48)

11 February 2021, Ghost Town Poetry Night (Zoom reading)

Haiku Targets Workshop (2:57:00; first 90 minutes for presentation)

11 November 2020, Nick Virgilio Haiku Society

Your Haiku Archives (53:59)

2 August 2020, American Haiku Archives (Zoom PowerPoint presentation)       +

Pandemic Poetry (1:25:17)

14 May 2020, King County Library System (MC for open-mic reading)

How to Haiku (1:30:14)

26 April 2020, Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival (workshop)       +

Pico Iyer and the Poetic Art of Going Nowhere (28:21)

8 April 2020, King County Library System (presentation about haiku)       +

Cascadia Poetry Festival (3:00)

11 May 2019, Anacortes, Washington (“Canticle” poem); my part starts at the 26:19 mark

Seven Suns / Seven Moons, with Tanya McDonald (10:38)

15 September 2017, Haiku North America (poetry reading)       +

Seasoning (2:54)

2017, video by Steve Hodge (with my haiku)

In Conversation, with Sheila Bender (28:06; audio only)

20 September 2016, KPTZ radio broadcast (interview on poetry)

Street-Guided Meditation (6:01)

September 2016, a short film by Noam Oren that begins with one of my haiku

Clover 9 Reading (12:04)

27 September 2015, Village Books, Bellingham, Washington (a mix of longer poems)

Literary Citizenship: Talking Pages (21:19)

17 February 2015, Eastside Writes, Issaquah, Washington (MC, with readers Lori May and Elissa Washuta)

(see the Eastside Writes YouTube video channel for numerous other videos, many of which I appear in)

True Colour Poetry Reading (20:00)

6 December 2014, Redmond City Hall, Redmond Lights Festival (rengay poetry reading)       +

Valentine’s Day Haiku (0:10)

August 2012, Seattle, Washington (poem)

2010 Jack Straw Writers Program at the Seattle Central Library (1:34:36; introduced at about the 9:00 minute mark, ending at 16:30)

13 November 2010 audio recording of five American Sentences, a bird on a sill, seven neon buddha poems, and Robert Bly Reads a Haiku

Jack Straw Writers audio blog (about 12 minutes)

2010, Seattle, Washington, featuring a Zen story, a selection of neon buddha poems, American Sentences, and three longer poems: “After Dinner,” “Shoulders,” and “Flowers on the Roof of Hell”

SoulFood Poetry Night (playlist of 23 recordings)

2009 to 2012, Redmond, Washington (MC)       +