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Are you new to Graceguts? Welcome. There’s a lot to see here! The alphabetized organization of categories in the menu should make it easy to find your way around. All work is by Michael Dylan Welch, except as noted, and focuses mostly on haiku and related poetry. You could start by exploring these highlights:

      • Appearances My upcoming readings, workshops, and other events

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      • Digressions For fun, by category, surprises abounding

      • Essays Categorized commentary, mostly on haiku poetry

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      • Poems Some of my longer poems

      • Press Here Books published with my press

      • Tanka My explorations of tanka poetry

      • Trifolds Poem sheets for you to view or download

Also check out my separate Rengay website for being the Internet’s largest repository of rengay poems and essays about the rengay form. I’m also particularly pleased with the Poems About Haiku page for being an extensive assemblage of longer poems about haiku. And Nothing is fun too. And if you wonder how this site got its name, check out Why Graceguts. Thank you for Your Thoughts. Please Contact Me if you have additional thoughts to share. Thank you for visiting.