Want to learn haiku or other short poetry forms? Itching to dig deeper into poets such as E. E. Cummings? Need to know how to use Microsoft Word at its best for poetry and fiction? These and many other subjects have all been the focus of workshops I’ve given for twenty-five years at retreats, conferences, nature centers, festivals, schools, libraries, writing centers, and various other venues in the United States, Canada, and Japan. I’ve taught classes for as many as two hundred people or as few as two, and to students of all ages—from kindergarten through Elderhostel, and all ages and grade levels in between, including college and graduate school, as well as corporate settings and to teach teachers. I can customize workshops for specific classes and ages, for particular topics (especially poetry topics), and to any class length or size, and can also adapt workshops to incorporate urban or outdoor writing sessions. Almost all workshops feature PowerPoint presentations and copious handouts. See photos of one of my “Haiku in the Woods” workshops and nature walks.

The following is a selection of workshops, by category, that I can provide for your organization, school, conference, or retreat—plus a sample lesson plan. After these links is information on handouts, my needs, rates, availability, and how to contact me. See also my bio.       +

What I Provide

I’m repeatedly told that I’m an enthusiastic and knowledgeable presenter. I seek to provide tested and reliable information, examples, and experience in an engaging, varied, and sometimes humourous manner. For generative workshops, I believe it’s important to be nurturing and supportive while offering clear and constructive comments in ways that are sensitive and (for children) age-appropriate. I always welcome feedback and customize or adapt my presentations accordingly.


All classes or workshops come with handouts, sometimes copious. These include, for example, numerous sample haiku and senryu poems, a haiku checklist (tailored for adults and children), and more. I provide all handouts as part of course fees, or occasionally ask for student or institutional help in covering photocopying costs.

Your Needs

Please tell me what your needs are, so I can provide you with the workshop or presentation you require! I’m always game to adapt to fresh new ideas and locations, indoors and out, and to collaborate with other artists and teachers.

My Needs

I can adapt to various settings easily. For the most effective classroom sessions, such as teaching haiku, I often require the following: 

Many of my presentations include PowerPoint shows, which I can bring on a USB flash drive if a computer is provided. I can do many of my presentations without a digital projector if needed. I have taught haiku workshops for as many as 200 people, but an optimum class size is between 10 and 30. Please also provide an estimated class size and class location or address, plus directions and parking recommendations, as relevant.

Note: Students should bring their own paper and pen/pencil, or electronic device, and be prepared for the weather if the class includes outdoor activities, such as writing sessions in nature.


Rates are negotiable—let’s talk! Depending on the location, I may also request help with travel and parking expenses and accommodations (I’m open to staying in private homes). I’m also open to providing services at no fee for certain charitable organizations or nonprofit events, depending on the circumstances, or if the opportunity provides me with a new teaching or learning experience or other mutual benefit.


My schedule varies, and I’m booked for some events up to a year in advance, but am typically available on many weekends and weekday evenings. Daytimes during the week are occasionally possible with sufficient advance planning. You can see most of my confirmed public events on my Appearances page (see also links to past events near the bottom of that page).

Contact Me

Please email me at or send me a message on Facebook or LinkedIn.

For more photos of my workshops and presentations, visit my Appearances page (scroll down to see the photos).