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Press Here is a small press for haiku and tanka books, started in 1989 by Michael Dylan Welch. It has won numerous Merit Book Awards from the Haiku Society of America. Press Here has published at least one or two books every year or so for more than thirty years. If you’re interested in proposing a book for us to publish, please note that we no longer consider any unsolicited book proposals. The following is a list of Press Here titles, by category, with our most recent titles featured at the top. Click to view a sortable list of Press Here books. See the Books page for books by Michael Dylan Welch. See also What Makes a Great Chapbook.

“Any book edited by Michael Dylan Welch is vital for any haiku writer’s library.”

—Alan Summers, Bradford-on-Avon, England

New and Featured Titles

ALL Titles

Haiku and Senryu

Abandoned Farmhouse Edward J. Rielly 2000, 2021

Finding the Way paul m. 2002

The Haijin’s Tweed Coat Michael Dylan Welch 1990, 2000

School’s Out Randy M. Brooks 1999

In and Out of Fog Lee Gurga 1997

A Simple Universe Sono Uchida       + 1995

The Measure of Emptiness Lee Gurga 1991

Starship Earth Adele Kenny 1990

Tremors Michael Dylan Welch 1990


Castles in the Sand Michael Dylan Welch, editor 2002 (anthology)

Turning My Chair Pat Shelley 1997

Footsteps in the Fog Michael Dylan Welch, editor 1994 (anthology)


Wedge of Light Cor van den Heuvel, Tom Lynch, and Michael Dylan Welch, editors 1999 (anthology)

Met on the Road William J. Higginson, with Penny Harter 1993


Jumble Box Michael Dylan Welch, editor 2017

With Cherries on Top Michael Dylan Welch, editor 2012

Fifty-Seven Damn Good Haiku Michael Dylan Welch and Alan Summers, editors 2010

Fig Newtons: Senryu to Go Michael Dylan Welch, editor 1993


Becoming a Haiku Poet Michael Dylan Welch 2015

The Nick of Time Paul O. Williams 2001


Berries and Cream Jeanne Emrich, Michael Dylan Welch (on haiga) 2000

Raking Sand Virginia Brady Young, vincent tripi (on haiku) 1993

On My Mind Anita Virgil, vincent tripi (on haiku) 1989, 1993

The first eight Haiku North America conference anthologies, from 1991 to 2005.

Haiku North America Conference Anthologies

Earthworks 2023—Cincinnati, Ohio

Salmon Drum [coming soon] 2021—on Zoom, hosted by Victoria, British Columbia

Sitting in the Sun 2019—Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Earthsigns 2017—Santa Fe, New Mexico

Once Upon a Time 2015 section of the 25th anniversary anthology, Fire in the Treetops

Fire in the Treetops 2015; 25th anniversary anthology—Schenectady, New York

Close to the Wind 2013—Long Beach, California

Standing Still 2011—Seattle

Into Our Words 2009—Ottawa

Dandelion Wind 2007—Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Tracing the Fern 2005—Port Townsend, Washington

Brocade of Leaves 2003—New York

Paperclips 2001—Boston

Too Busy for Spring 1999—Chicago

Shades of Green 1997—Portland, Oregon; see a PDF scan

Northern Lights 1995—Toronto

The Shortest Distance 1993—San Francisco

Harvest 1991—San Francisco

For more information about  the biennial Haiku North America conference, which I cofounded in 1991, please visit the conference website.       +

Other Books

A Vote for Alice Michael Dylan Welch (political parody)       + 1993

To Order

Please note that some Press Here titles are not currently in print. For information about ordering, where Amazon links are not listed for titles on their individual pages, please contact Michael Dylan Welch.

Numerous back issues of my poetry journals Woodnotes and Tundra are also available.