A Miscellany

Post date: Mar 03, 2012 1:15:38 AM

Well, I got busy and posted a batch of new items to Graceguts today. Here are the main additions:

    • Explore my “Defining Haiku by Iterations” essay (previously unpublished), newly added to the Essays page.

    • Enjoy my recently published “Bedroom in Arles” ekphrastic poem, now on the Poems page.

    • For additional reading, check out the link to William J. Higginson’s excellent essay, “Haiku by the Numbers, Seriously,” on the Further Reading page (every would-be 5-7-5 writer should read this!).

    • On the Poems by Others page, revel in “If the moon came out only once a month,” an inspiring poem by Cathy Ross.

    • My Appearances page has the latest and greatest info on various workshops and other events I have in the works for the next few months.

    • The On Haiku section of the Quotations page now sports a new favourite Thoreau quotation (one of many minor changes or additions made throughout the site).

    • And the biggest addition is a brand new “Editing” section, featuring a few dozen of the hundreds of trade books I’ve edited for various publishers over the years.

So there you go! No complaints about not giving you something new to chew on, now!